Aug 5, 2017

RPGaDay day 5

Which RPG cover best captures the spirit of the game?

My first choice is the 1st Edition original cover for the players handbook. I was 8 and all I really wanted to do was get me some treasure, in fact most of the early games I played revolved around treasure in some way or other.

A very close second is the 1st edition second cover for the dungeon masters guide; ironically the two books I had the covers were reversed (2nd cover PHB and 1st cover DMG)! It screams, "Welcome to <em>my</em> world!" I really loved being the DM once I was confident enough to do it. It helped that I taught my step father (and most of my friends) to play, and playing is what he preferred to do. I grew into leading the groups I played with and to this day prefer to GM instead of play, although I do play from time to time.

I also found this site with great acrylic reproductions of the 1st edition original covers while looking for pics.


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