Dec 18, 2023

Cockatrice Nuggets 230 - Best of 2023

Cockatrice Nuggets #230 show notes
Episode 230
Published on 12/18/2023
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Tabletop RPG Reviews: Best of 2023 Insights and critiques of various table-top RPGs and their related materials released in 2023, such as 'Scourges of the Northland', and 'Speak False Machine'. He discusses the themes, creativity, art and writing style of each. He also shares his favorite releases, with 'Monster Overhaul' being his top pick for the year. Drawing upon his own experiences with certain games, systems and mechanics, he emphasizes the importance of versatility and uniqueness in monsters, settings and campaigns, and identifies the styles and substance he finds most compelling. 00:26 Constant Downpour Remastered by Spicy Tuna 01:33 A Butterfly Dies by Spicy Tuna 02:13 Liminal Horror by Goblin Archives 08:01 Cloud Empress, Land of the Cicadas 11:28 Hull Breach 14:54 Planar Compass 16:27 Into the Odd Remastered 18:38 This Ship is a Tomb 20:53 Creature Companion 22:03 Sky Realms 28:42 Dungeon Malarkey 29:32 Feats of Exploration 32:24 Speak False Machine 33:49 Monster Overhaul
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