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Jun 11, 2015

Regular Guy Review: Spy

Paul Feig has done it again folks. He has created one hell of a film that definitely deserves some of your precious time! The movie is all about the characters Feig creates and steers into the hilarious situations. The spy aspect is really almost background noise to the interactions these characters are having with one another. Literally, all of the actors in this movie are phenomenal. Everyone plays off of each other wonderfully, every comedic nod to the spy genre isn’t too on the nose, and the movie just straight up makes you laugh a lot. Let’s break down exactly why you should listen to a guy like me when I say you need to see this film!

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Who knew Jason Statham was so damn funny under all of those muscles and mean looks? He is hands down the best part of this movie. There are times when certain lines from Melissa McCarthy outshine him, but overall Statham steals the show. He plays his manly man character who doesn’t play by the rules so damn well. Not only that, but some of the physical comedy involved is perfectly timed and executed. And finally, his extreme dimwittedness while also being extremely cunning is such a hard balance to execute, and Feig along with Statham manage to create the perfect storm.

Melissa McCarthy, when not dealing with self confidence issues, is laugh out loud hysterical. When she grows balls and starts yelling at one of the Swedish bodyguards for Rose Byrne’s character, it ends up being one of the best sequences in a film filled with action and other comedy. McCarthy is a master at shifting between unassuming to rage filled mad dog who will tear you down physically and emotionally. Her banter is some of the best in the business right now, and her insults rival that of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket. Alongside her banter is her knack for physical comedy. She is the female reincarnation of Chris Farley without a doubt. She can move so swiftly and perform some great stunts on her own.

Rose Byrne who is usually known for playing the nice girl we all seem to know in our lives, transforms into that one customer we all have and despise. She is self absorbed, harsh, dumb, and overly critical with the minutia of life. Whenever she breaks down McCarthy’s confidence it is almost sad, but too hilarious not to laugh. Again, this fine line was balanced upon perfectly by Feig.

Jude Law was charming as always, and his American accent wasn’t half bad. I knew exactly where his character was headed in the plot the whole time, but he still played well with Melissa McCarthy. What’s important in a comedy is to surround those who aren’t the strongest in the genre, with those who are the powerhouses. This is what Feig did with McCarthy and Law. Law who isn’t particularly funny, is transformed into a smart mouthed, critical, dumbwitted spy who embodies that suave personality. He is great in the film, but serves much more as a tool to move along the plot than a character who gets to enjoy the ride like the rest of them.

Finally, the character from left field was McCarthy’s friend in the film Miranda Hart. Wow, she has some comedic chops. Much like McCarthy she has a very strong witty presence surrounding her, but still shrouded in the unassuming outward personality. Her scenes with 50 Cent (yes, he’s in this too, and hilarious!) are stunningly great. Usually, scenes with celebrities are throwaways, but she carries him through like a champ and even helps elevate his comedic presence.

Spy Nods
The whole movie is a borderline spoof of the entire spy genre. The opening scene with Jude Law infiltrating a foreign foes fortress while easily seducing women is a great nod to the Bond films. The next nod comes in the form the opening song’s music video just like the Bond films. Admittedly, this is my least favorite part of not only the Bond films, but also of this one, however I thought it was a well placed, well done nudge to the genre. Also, Statham’s and Law’s characters are both based on obvious archetypes of macho males in the spy genre. They are constantly seducing women, saying things like, “I work alone! I quit. I’ll have to do this on my own!” and always dressing unbelievable nice. The funniest nod, in my opinion, was Statham’s elongated brag story about all the escapades he’s had on missions, to convince McCarthy that he can solve this one on his own. He talks about getting his arm ripped off, and putting it back on with the other and jumping off buildings, to trains, to cars, all while on fire. These are great lines alluding to all of the impossible situations in spy movies that the protagonists seem to make it through unscathed. Again, the whole movie has a perfect balance between spoof and parody as well as orchestrated comedy that is executed to perfection by the cast and Feig.

Are You Convinced Yet?
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Well, I hope I was able to convince you to see this film, if you have not already. It’s absolutely fantastic and will make you laugh out loud undoubtedly. I guarantee that you haven’t seen Statham, Byrne, or Law this funny before. McCarthy returns to her masterful, comedic form and is aided by the equally talented Miranda Hart, who alongside director Paul Feig help create a wonderful atmosphere for this film. Trust me, you’ll love it.

Score: 9/10

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