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Jun 4, 2015

Entourage Movie Reaction and Review

As someone who didn’t watch the tv show and wasn’t too excited for the film, Entourage was a great time at the movies. It had a million cameos, fast cars, good-looking women, drugs, alcohol, and celebrity problems. Basically, everything that everyone has come to expect from the show was present and delivered well. The movie definitely wasn’t an Oscar caliber movie, but it was definitely an enjoyable, funny movie. I will say that you must go into this with the correct expectations.

The overarching conflict in the movie is getting Vince’s movie made and on to screens. However, during this process all kinds of shenanigans take place. Turtle finds love with Ronda Rousey which makes for some great scenes where they fight and she demolishes him. E is having a baby with Sloan, while also getting involved with other women. He thinks he got another woman pregnant, however she and yet another woman he slept with are actually punking him. I think it would have made for a better story if he had actually gotten this other woman pregnant, but the movie seemed to be really focused on having each character come out on top since it was the final time we’ll see these characters. Vince struggles with his insecurities because his movie “Hyde” is his directorial debut. His insecurities are actually refreshing considering everyone else in the movie is basically riding a constant high, except for his brother Johnny Drama. Drama is struggling with his lack of success, and is trying to come to terms with being number 2 to his little brother. His storyline helped humanize a very fictionalized version of Hollywood. Ari made for the funniest scenes in the movie by switching between lovable father and family man to uncontrollable rage machine that fights to get his way. He has to deal with being studio head, while also dealing with Vince and his crew going over budget. However, his loyalties to Vince and his entourage are what cement the film together and you feel the sense of brotherhood between all characters. Although, there don’t seem to be very high stakes in any of the storylines, the ride each takes you on are filled to the brim with hilarity. This makes up for the lack of serious conflict, but I do wish they would have taken some bigger risks in the movie.

What kind of person would I be if I didn’t at least talk a little bit more about the signature cameos in the movie? As I said before, I have never watched the show, but even I know that the show is infamous for copious amounts of cameos. Although, I felt like I was left out of some of the inside jokes associated with a few cameos, most were very in the moment and hilarious. What’s great about Entourage is the fact that most of the actors who appear get to play versions of themselves. The best was Gary Busey rambling at the screening party. He is just so wild off camera that when you do seem him on camera you feel like you’re not even scratching the surface of his insanity, but it is still great. Another was Jessica Alba throwing a fit about doing an action movie, when she really just wants to make her passion project. One that I felt a little lost on, but was still very pleased with was Liam Neeson flipping off Ari. Ari asks him if he was still mad at him, and I don’t know what he was referencing, but Liam immediately flipping him off was priceless. There are countless others, but those were the highlights for me.

Should You Care?
Absolutely! I think the fact that I had such a great time watching this film without any background on the show just speaks volumes about how good this movie actually is. I know that most critics are panning this movie, but they don’t seem to understand that this movie is meant to feel like a victory lap for a team that won years ago when they ended the show. This is the epilogue to a show that already had it’s ending. If you go into this movie expecting to have a good laugh, then you will be very pleased, but don’t go in expecting to see an Oscar contender.

Score: 7/10

Please let me know in the comments what you think because I’d love to hear what you have to say about Entourage. Do you agree? Am I being too noncritical of this film? Did you enjoy it? And will you see it? Sound off below and please follow me @HaneyCasey on twitter.