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Jun 13, 2015

Steam Summer Sale. Day 3?

     Taking your phone in the spa can adversely effect your life in more than just the lack of a phone; I'm just finding out about the steam summer sale! Well, its day 3 and lets take a look at the flash sales.

Broforce: Reddit Steam Broforce is a great couch co-op send up of metal slug and 80's action heroes. I played this game with my kids and their friends as well as alone and it is great either way. With names like Rambro, Snake Broskin and of course Brobocop, 80's action movie pop culture definitely adds to the enjoyment its not necessary. Its not at its lowest price ever, but its close, so get this and play it, or check out The Expendabros for free!

Tomb RaiderMetacritic Reddit Steam The Tomb Raider reboot surprised a lot of journalists when it came out; it had the heart of the original with modern day third person mechanics. Couple with a good story and what we have is a solid prequel to Lara's tomb raiding adventures*. (*coming soon)

Trine 3: Steam 3D early access sequel to Trine and Trine 2. Puzzle platformer in the vein of Lost Vikings (too old?). You control 3 characters; wizard, knight and thief, that have different abilities that you can use to solve puzzles. This one also has co-op couch (local) as well as internet.

Also of note, Smallworld 2, based on the board game 80% off and Little Inferno, dark game about apocalyptic winter and burning things 75% off.

REMEMBER! Don't buy unless its a flash sale and wait until the last day to buy if its not. Happy saving.