May 24, 2015

"What Did I Just See?" Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

Regardless of how you might stand on the thought of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, you must admit the hype surrounding this trailer was immense. For months we've heard the rumblings of a trailer on it's way and it has finally arrived. It feels like a weight has been lifted and the veil tossed away. The moment has come and all of our eyes have seen it (if not seen it hundreds of me)! From the moment the trailer began to the second it ended, I was hooked. Now I must admit that I've been a Batman fan since I was 4, so my initial reaction to this trailer was to be expected. However, after the hundreds of times I've viewed this since the leak to the HD trailer released by Snyder, I have really taken the time to analyze every aspect of this trailer. After so much thought, my reaction only grows stronger. With each viewing I find myself just as enthralled as the first time. From the tone, to the dialogue, to the set, to the costume, to the camera angles, to the easter eggs, to the symbolism, I was giddy(not a description I often use especially for myself). This trailer set the tone for the exact Batman I've longed to see for so long. Never before have we seen a Batman as big, as brooding, as menacing, as brutal, as we've seen Ben Affleck's Batman to be so far. Also, no movie incarnation of Superman prior to Henry Cavill could have ever stood up to any Batman, let alone this one. But, that is why this trailer sold me so well. It gave me the best Batman I've ever seen, but gave me a Superman worth fighting. Nothing is more boring than getting something so good to use it on something so crappy. Luckily, I don't believe this is one of those situations. Finally, the money shot. Batman asking Superman, "Tell me, can you even bleed? You will." This just pumped everything up to 11! We know now, the battle is on, and it's going to be a crazy one. Overall, the trailer itself was a home run not just for someone like me who loves Batman, but as a film fan. It had everything a teaser needs with a good balance of exposition, tonal direction, and of course a money shot worth seeing and hearing.

Now, I know some have already began to pick apart everything in the trailer, for instance Mr. Sunday Movies has already done a "Things You Missed" video on the trailer that you can watch here, but I would like to speculate even further. However, Mr. Sunday Movies does a very comprehensive job so if you'd rather watch that click the link above. Alright, let's dive in!

1. Metropolis Reconstruction
So in the opening shot of the Superman statue, farther in the distance you are able to see a crane. I believe this means there is still some rebuilding being done after the MoS battle. However, considering that the other buildings seem to be unscathed, I'm assuming this is at least a year or so later. It looks as if most of the devastation as been rebuilt, but as if there are still some areas to clean up.

2. Pockocmoc Satellite
Now this one could admittedly be absolutely nothing, but let's speculate anyway! I think the inclusion of Superman holding the either Russian missile or satellite could be an indication that Superman does indeed work in some shape or form for the government. I believe Superman will be working with the government in order to prove his allegiance, and in doing so will help show the world that America is under his supervision. Also, this could be a nice nod to The Dark Knight Returns when Superman intercepts a Russian nuke and it detonates leaving most of America in a blackout.

3. The Riddler
Obviously, I must mention the Riddle question mark that any Batman fan would have seen stick out. It's a very nice nod to the length of Batman's career so far as well as a nod to the Riddler's existence in this universe so far. Personally, I hope we see the Riddler pop up in a Batman standalone because one thing lacking in the Batman movies so far is his detective side. The Riddler challenges his abilities to deduce and to use his genius intellect to solve a problem rather than his physical strength. This aspect of Batman is one of his most important character traits and it has not been used to it's potential so far. Hopefully a Riddler can help flesh that out a bit more.

4. Ben Affleck Staring at the Batsuit
Now this is something that I only noticed after the millionth time I watched the trailer. When Affleck stares at his costume, you can see a light flickering on his face. It looks to me like light from a tv or a monitor. It also is flashing fairly quickly which would indicate a fast moving image. I believe this is a flashback to the destruction of Metropolis and Bruce contemplating his return to the Cape and Cowl. This makes sense because right at this moment Jeremy Irons, who will be Alfred, mentions getting a fever, from the feeling of hopelessness. It wouldn't be anything too special, but still a nice tidbit to know Bruce was watching, and the Superman was the catalyst to make Batman return.

5. Seeing Batman Walk
There's a point in the trailer where Batman walks out from some form of devastation. To me this looks like the location that Wonder Woman was seen standing in her reveal poster. Perhaps this could be a sequence later in the movie after Bruce and Kal make up, or before hand, and this battle is how they meet.

6. What the Hell is In His Hand? 
In the same shot with the Riddler logo, Batman is seen holding a large object but it is unclear as to what it is. It looks almost like a Gravity Hammer from Halo, but I digress. I wonder if it some weapon he is using against Superman. Also, another quick note, Batman is holding a sniper rifle in another shot, similar to another scene inThe Dark Knight Returns where he uses a rifle.

7. The Alfred Dialogue
Obviously, I touched on it earlier, but these few line (expertly delivered by Irons) have a lot to say about Batman. Like I mentioned, I believe the hopelessness he refers to could be Bruce's reaction to discovering someone so powerful exists in his world, but I also believe it speaks about Batman's past. The line right after this one says, "It turns good men, cruel." I believe this supports the idea that Joker has killed Jason Todd in this universe. I think Alfred is talking about Batman's inability to save Jason, in which he's never been the same. After this death, he became more cruel and punishing. Perhaps this is Alfred's warning to Superman.?

Finally, thank you all so much for reading (if you even made it this far). I know this was a bit of a long one, but there was just so much for this Batman nerd to say! Again I loved this trailer. I feel like it delivered on everything a teaser should have as well as everything a nerd like me could want. If you liked this analysis please comment, share, and thumbs up! Go watch Mr. Sunday Movies "Things You Missed" video on this trailer, and let me know how you liked the trailer. Is there something you wish you saw that you didn't? Did you not like the trailer? What are your speculations? Sound off below!

Who Else Can We See Next To Daredevil in the Defenders?

By now you've either seen the news regarding, or hopefully seen the series, Daredevil. It was a marvelous spectacle of a show and was extremely well suited to the small screen. Daredevil is a character whose everyday battle against injustice is much more episodic in nature. Along with his character suiting the platform in which they released the show, the powerhouse that is Marvel put the right amount of money, planning, and talent into this property for it to be as successful as it is. That being said, what other characters could or should we see adapted to the small screen?
With the Defenders already being announced, it would make sense for Marvel to look at characters that have had some association with the team. I think it would be wise for them to stick to characters who are maybe a little less well-known. I want to see characters that perhaps haven't been given the proper telling on screen, and characters who are extremely interesting on page who can come to life in a series that gives them enough time to be fleshed out properly.
1. Moon Knight
Image result for moon knight
Moon Knight joined the Defenders in the mid 70s and is a character with dimension. He is a character who is very relatable to Daredevil himself. He is a character who cares about his city and focuses on crime on a street level. Marvel is really emphasising the importance of those who devote themselves to everyday crime and corruption. Moon Knight, while being heavily focused on this crime also brings more of the supernatural side of things into the universe. Daredevil had a bit of this element to it, but Moon Knight could help explain and use this aspect of the Marvel universe while remaining grounded in the gritty street level crime.
2. Spider-Woman
Image result for Spider-Woman

Spider-Woman might seem like an odd choice given the fact that we are getting a Marvel-made Spiderman within the next couple of years, however I think a Spider-Woman episodic drama could be just the thing to bring two similar characters into the same universe. Spider-Woman could show us how someone who is older than a high school student would deal with the powers given to her. She also has many interesting storylines that can be interwoven throughout the television series as well as the movies.  She is a more mature character that would fit in with the other characters that are already confirmed to get their own series on Netflix.
3. She-Hulk
Image result for She Hulk

Like Spider-Woman, I believe She-Hulk would be the perfect way to explore how someone else deals with the powers that another hero has. She-Hulk is a very different character from the Hulk in every other way than her abilities. This is what can make her an interesting character. Like Matt Murdock (Daredevil) she is an attorney. Some of the legal courtroom parts of Daredevil were what helped keep the show so grounded and unique. I believe a She-Hulk drama could employ similar tactics, but from a different standpoint considering She-Hulk's outward appearance and abilities. She has a lot that could tie her in nicely with characters like Daredevil and Luke Cage, while still being different enough to bring another aspect of superheroin life to the table.
4. Ghost Rider
Image result for Ghost Rider Comic

Yes, Ghost Rider. Let's all take a moment to burn the image of Nick Cage as Johnny Blaze out of our memories. Good. Now that that is done, we can actually talk about how cool Ghost Rider is. Like I mentioned earlier, Daredevil started to flirt with the idea of the supernatural, and I think Ghost Rider is another great way to dive into that world while still remaining grounded by a character who is just a man. Unlike Thor, or Loki, Johnny Blaze was just a man who had these magical powers bestowed upon him. It would be interesting to see how his relationship with the demonic could play against Daredevil's catholic heritage, as well as seeing Ghost Rider let out his inner demons while Matt constantly struggles to keep his inside. Also, Ghost Rider can bring that same determination to protect the innocent that we saw in Daredevil that helped humanize the man behind the mask. I believe this could help keep the burning skull a bit more human.
5. The Punisher
Image result for the punisher tim bradstreet

Finally, the character that I believe deserves to be told the right way by being on the small screen. Now that Marvel has the rights back, I don’t believe they will use Thomas Jane as the actor to portray their small screen adaptation of The Punisher, however I believe he was a great embodiment of what the character stands for. Much like Daredevil, he is brutal in his punishments, but he is obviously much more gruesome. This is why I believe the small screen suits him, because he could have that ultra violence that defines him, while still keeping his distance with the boy scouts of Marvel like Captain America and Iron Man. Also, the fact that he does in fact kill people could create a very intense dichotomy between he and the other Defenders. He could be someone who is still very integral to the team, but who remains annoyed by the others asking him not to kill. Finally, he is just a character that needs to be seen. He is such a tragic and interesting character that it would be a shame for Marvel to now have the rights and a suitable universe, just to sit on the rights and not do anything with him.

What do you think? Am I completely wrong? Do you like my choices for some characters that could be on the Defenders? Let me know what you think and who you’d like to see get a Netflix series.