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Jun 30, 2015

The Force Awakens: Brainiac's Return (Fanfic)

Hey all! This is a contest submission I had done for I figured since that that competition is over now, I could post it here for those who hadn't seen it. Give it a read and let me know what you guys think!

An Awakening

The universe has always been full of ghost stories and myths, but none like this. There is a old tale of a being able to absorb and capture entire planets and civilizations who would travel on a world sized machine. They call him Brainiac. The universe hasn’t seen anything like this in quite a long time, but the presence of his myth can be seen throughout the galaxy. For instance, The infamous Death Star was built in part due to the idea that such a sizable machine could even exist. However, the universe is about to be shown the true damage a myth can really cause, once the myth becomes reality. It’s been 30 years since the last Death Star was destroyed by Luke and company, but now Brainiac has begun to absorb the technology of entire worlds while also bottling others for observation. Brainiac, having absorbed such a huge portion of the known galaxy in such a short time, has begun a reason worthy enough for Luke to come out of retirement. However, Luke knows that much like before in his life, he’ll need some help. This time he’ll have to reach out farther than just Cloud City or Dagobah.

Luke and His Disciples

Luke, although being in hiding, has become an experienced Jedi Master who has been keeping a close eye two young people who are very force sensitive. These two people are of course, Rey and Finn. With the threat of Brainiac absorbing the universe and capturing the rest, Luke recruits both Rey and Finn so that he may guide them much like Obi Wan did for him. He knows that if they hope to stand a chance, they’ll need new blood to stand against an enemy of this magnitude. However, he knows that these aren’t the only two he will need to stand against the mighty Brainiac.

The Justice League

Hal Jordan, during his travels throughout the universe on various missions for the Green Lantern Corps, met Luke Skywalker just a few years after the second Death Star was destroyed. Luke, sensing Hal Jordan’s great strength and sense of justice befriended him when Jordan was on mission on Tatooine. Luke, who had began to sense a dark presence in the universe, told Jordan that one day he may call on him to fight a force stronger than he. Jordan, being concerned with the idea that Luke would ever not be strong enough to defeat an enemy on his own, quickly told Luke that if he ever needed his assistance to just click this button. Jordan of course handed him a Justice League galactic pager. Jordan, once back on Earth, told his companions of his new friend and the rising threat. Now, with the pager beeping and the threat clear and present, the Justice League knows that it must rise to the occasion. They are going to a galaxy far, far away.

Ultimate Doom

Luke along with Finn and Rey have taken shelter on the abandoned planet of Jakku to await the Justice League and Brainiac’s arrival. Unfortunately, Brainiac is first to appear. With trillions of nanites Brainiac launches a full on assault on the trio. Luke is able to create a defined line of defense using his enhanced force shield while Rey and Finn fend off any nanites that make it through. The Justice League arrive to find Luke struggling to maintain his defenses. Superman and Martian Manhunter begin to use their strength to fend off the nanite attack on the Jedi, while Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Batman launch an aerial attack on Brainiac’s main ship. Brainiac being as strong and brilliant as he is, quickly grounds Batman and incapacitates Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. He orders his nanite army to cover Superman with kryptonite laced nanites that enter his bloodstream and incapacitate him. He also sets fire to the surface where the heroes fight for survival. While doing this, Luke, Rey, and Finn reach Batman’s downed Batwing, but Martian Manhunter, busy with defending the Jedi, is overcome by the fire. Luke is able to maintain a force shield around the remaining heroes, while Rey and Finn help Batman. Right as Batman emerges, Luke who has been holding off the full force of Brainiac’s nanites by himself is overcome and consumed by Brainiac. Rey and Finn attempt to use their combined strength to fend off the hoards of nanites, but can only create a small radius of safety. Batman sets off an emergency low range EMP that deactivates many nanites surrounding them. Brainiac annoyed by their persistence decides to personally dispose of the last heroes. He emerges to find both Rey and Finn suffering from exhaustion and a wounded Batman. Brainiac, thinking that Rey and Finn being Jedi is a bigger threat, disposes of them rather quickly due to their inability to defend themselves after using so much of the force at once. Finally, Brainiac stands in front of Batman disappointed that he is the only hero left, and poses no threat. However, right as Brainiac puts his hand to Batman’s throat, a light flashes from beneath him. It is only after the cut has been made that Brainiac is able to comprehend the damage. Batman, a mere mortal man, has killed Brainiac with Luke’s lightsaber with a stab to the chest. Batman, saying the last words Brainiac will ever hear, painfully says to the myth that is Brainiac, “Do you bleed? You will.”

So did you guys like my little bit of fanfic? Should things have gone down differently? Let me know! Also be sure to check me out on as well as follow me on Twitter @HaneyCasey! Thanks for reading!

May 24, 2015

5 DC Villains Worthy of a Justice League Movie

We all love heroes, but what makes a hero a legend? A fantastic villain. Now when we have teams of heroes, the stakes for villains must be raised as well. This is when we get some of the greatest villains. We know that the DCCU will be chock full of villains thanks to Suicide Squad, but few villains have the power and expertise to go up against the whole Justice League. There have been many speculations as to who the villain or villains could be for the upcoming two part Justice League movie, but I want to explore five different villains who deserve to be the main antagonists in a Justice League movie, whether it be these two or other upcoming ones because it’s logical to expect more than just these two to be done.

5. Doomsday

Doomsday, as most of us comic nerds know, is stronger than Superman. However, his power goes even beyond that. Described by, He has, “an immeasurable level of strength and invulnerability beyond those of even Superman.” As we know, there are more than one way to defeat a being of such strength, but it takes a huge amount of resources, effort, and strength to even go up against such a villain. also describes him as having an “endless rage” that I’m sure will help him outlast at least some members of the League during their epic battle. Doomsday also has a plain disregard for life itself, so poses a threat to not only the League members, but everyone they protect. It would also be great fan service to see the monster who killed the Man of Steel in the comics do the same on-screen. It could really throw casual moviegoers for a loop because, they don’t know like us nerds, that Superman comes back, eventually.

4. Brainiac

There was recently a comparison of Brainiac to Ultron, however, Brainiac is far more powerful and menacing. Brainiac poses a universal threat for the Justice League to solve. He may be another Superman villain, but he can be set up to pose a much larger threat, as to necessitate the involvement of the entire league. Brainiac also uses the information and technology that he has absorbed throughout the galaxy to help aid his villainous schemes for world annihilation and consumption when he gets to earth. It would be a worldwide spectacle to see the Justice League have to thwart a worldwide invasion, as well as up the stakes from a city or one area to the entire world and human race. I do think that DC should save Brainiac for a bit considering that some regular moviegoers might mistake him for an Ultron rip-off which he is not, but to the casual viewers he might seem so.

3. Parallax

Parallax is an immensely powerful being that can pit the Justice League against each other. Much like BvS, Parallax could create a situation in which we see other heroes pitted against each other. Parallax can mindcontrol those who are susceptible to it’s fear, so we could have heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman fall under it’s control while others like Batman and Cyborg do not. Also, Hal Jordan could be used as it’s host and used almost as a villain. Although, Jordan wouldn’t actually be the one responsible, it could help make the character much more tragic having to live with the destruction and death he has caused while under control of Parallax. Also, I believe this villain is much to large and encompassing to keep as just a Green Lantern villain, like they tried to do in the failed Green Lantern movie. I think this villain is deserving of a League beatdown.

2. Darkseid

Image result for darkseid

This big guy is our runner up even though he tops a lot of people’s lists. He was at the top of mine for a long time, but I recently changed my mind. Anyway, Darkseid is a bona fide killing machine. He’s extremely cunning, tactful, and strong. He has a world full of an army at his disposal, super strength, omega-beams, and did I mention he’s the son of a literal God? Darkseid has everything a supervillain could ever want or need. This guy is so bad that the creators actually based him off of Adolf Hitler. These are all the more reasons why a proper incarnation of him needs to be seen on the big screen taking on our favorite DC heroes. He is a force to be reckoned with and demands more attention and energy than our team may have. He could be a villain that strains our heroes so much that one even dies.

Honorable Mention

Superboy Prime

I love the character and his importance is undeniable, however, I just don’t think he could be translated to the big screen properly. He is more than enough for our team to handle and has literally destroyed planets, but I just don’t think we will see him on the big screen. That is not to say that he doesn’t deserve it, and I’d love to see him there, but I just don’t think it could happen.

1. The Anti-Monitor

Image result for the anti monitor

I think this villain poses the greatest threat to the League and has the potential to change the entire cinematic universe. That is why I think the Anti-Monitor deserves to be my number one. He is the direct cause of Crisis on Infinite Earths and actually causes an alliance between Darkseid and the Justice League. Anyone that is that powerful to cause such a partnership deserves to be the focus of a Justice League movie. The Anti-Monitor could be the end to a DC universe and be a proper send off to our heroes. He can be the be-all to end-all in this cinematic universe. I think you save him for the last team up when all of our heroes have been established and fleshed out, only to give them all the ultimate test.

Of course, let me know what villains you would like to see face the Justice League in the DCCU in the comments below. What do you think of my list? Am I crazy? Please be sure to share this and give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and tell me why you didn’t like it if that’s what your heart desires. Thanks for reading!

Why I'm Nervously Optimistic for Suicide Squad

For a while now we've received pretty steady updates about the Suicide Squad movie. There have been many rumors and a lot of facts. I'm going to address both and figure out why we should be both excited and nervous about this movie. This movie is undoubtedly going to big especially since it will be riding off of the success of BVS.  However, I think there are some issues that could either sink the movie or elevate them. It's obviously too soon to tell which they will be, so let the speculation begin!

The Reliable

1. Heavy Names

One of the reasons Suicide Squad got such immediate attention was the cast involved with the project. The project consisted of A-list actors with real talent. The names that currently stick out in the cast are, Will Smith, Margo Robbie, Jared Leto, and Viola Davis. All four are undeniably incredibly talented. I believe Will Smith will bring his A-game and portray Deadshot with the emotion, depth, and precision that he had in I Am Legend. Margo Robbie is a star that is only continuing to burn brighter. She embodies everything that Harley Quinn is, and has shown she can do everything the character requires except the acrobatics. Jared Leto is an Academy Award winning actor. This is the first movie he's doing after he won the award. I have absolute faith in him that he can pull off the menacing, cerebral, maniacal, character of the Joker. Throughout his film career he's shown all of these traits. Finally, Viola Davis is a phenomenal actress who is very hot right now with the success of How to Get Away With Murder. She is an actress who can demand respect and is the physical embodiment of power. Her conniving performance in How to Get Away With Murder only further supports the fact that she was perfectly cast as Amanda Waller. Altogether, just these four alone bring enough to the table to make sure this movie will be jammed pack with immense talent and emotion.

2. David Ayer
David Ayer is a proven writer and director. He's shown that he knows how to write for a dynamic team as well as direct big name actors on a team. I would even go as far as saying that he thrives with ensembles. Beside the fact that he's a great director and writer, he has been very open about the fact that he's doing his research. He has even posted pictures of Suicide Squad comics on his twitter. Ayer is putting in the time to really understand this collection of characters so that he can more accurately portray them, instead of taking huge liberties to suit his own creative desires. Also, with other photos he's posted, he demonstrates his attention to detail. He really cares about making everything right.

3. Character Choices
The characters they've chosen to have in the film are all interesting characters. Yes, even Captain Boomerang. All of these characters are multidimensional and bring something different to the table. It will be extremely interesting and entertaining seeing them play off of each other. There interactions between each other could even give us glimpses into the future where each respective villain could meet their heroic counterpart. I just think that each character choice was great not only for staying true to the comic origins of the team, but for also creating an atmosphere that will foster great chemistry between the actors and characters.

The Worrisome

1. The Loss of Tom Hardy

It's ridiculous to think that Tom Hardy's departure wouldn't leave some sort of tear in the project. When the cast was first mentioned, every article had Tom Hardy's name plastered first everywhere. His name is arguably the biggest to be mentioned with the project. For him to depart is ample reason for concern. We are told that he left due to scheduling conflicts, but most know that this is a polite way for the studio and the actor to say that they are parting ways due to other reasons. Now, we have Joel Kinnaman, who I'm growing to like as an actor, taking his spot as Rick Flag. This just doesn't sit well with me, considering the fact that Rick Flag is supposed to act as the leader on the team. I just can't see Joel Kinnaman demanding respect from big names like Will Smith or Margo Robbie. I don't think he brings enough gravitas to the role that Tom Hardy would have brought.

2. Deathstroke
We've been hearing many different rumors about who is going to play Deathstroke. It was rumored that Joe Manganiello was up for the role, but he recently dismissed this rumor. Recently, Jim Parrack was rumored for the role, but even that seems to be false. So we don't know who will be playing Deathstroke, but I am concerned with the apparent lack of involvement with the film. From what we've heard the film isn't going to feature very much Deathstroke. I think he should be playing a much more integral part in the film. Also, I want an actor who is as big as Ben Affleck and around the same age. I could see a Clive Owen or even Mark Strong portraying the character. I feel both bring gravitas as well as the physicality needed for the role.

3. Ike Barinholtz
It was announced via table read photo of the cast that Ike Barinholtz was in the movie. Personally, I love him as a comedian and I've been following him since his Mad TV days. However, what the hell is he doing in this movie? There has been A LOT of speculation that he could be Hugo Strange, but my mind just refuses to let me believe this. He did recently affirm that his role will be a very different side of him that we haven't seen, but I still can't shake the feeling that his presence will take me out of the movie. I don't know if he can be put in a scene with actors of such high caliber and deliver.

The Wildcards

1. Jai Courtney

I'm not one of the people who bash Jai Courtney and think he's terrible. Now, I don't think he's very great, but I think it's apparent that he has talent. I don't think he's been in very good movies, but I think he's done the best he could in those movies. I believe this will be the role that makes him a star deserved of the title. I just hope he doesn't disappoint like he did in Divergent or Die Hard. I hope they let him be funny because he's a funny guy, but it always neutered into being a straight-faced serious guy in all of his roles. I'm optimistic about his casting, but I'm also cautious.

2. The Tone
Although, like I stated before, I have confidence in David Ayer as a writer and director, I'm concerned about the overall tone of the movie. I feel like it should have elements of comedy, but needs to be dark considering we're following the journeys of murderous villains. However, with the current MoS and the trailer for BVS, the DCCU seems to be a dark and dreary place. This is fine, but I just don't know if the humor that I hope is in Suicide Squad will feel out of place. I feel like this will be one of those things that will either really work or really miss and we will all notice it.

3. Where Do These Characters Fit?
Now earlier I said that it would be fun to see these villains go against their heroic counterparts, but I don't know how well that might work. For instance, Killer Croc. I'm ecstatic at the fact that he will be brought to life on screen, however I am having a hard time picturing him in a Batman movie without the support of the other villains on screen. Also, I think Will Smith will kill it as Deadshot, but I don't want him to only show up in Suicide Squad movies. I just don't think they have any interest in using him in a Batman movie though. Even Captain Boomerang, who is a pretty lame villain let's just all admit it, would be hard to fit into a Flash movie. Most of these characters need each other to work as well as I think they will in Suicide Squad.

Overall, I still think this movie will slay at the box office and be a fantastic movie. I will remain optimistic until we know more, but I couldn't shake this feeling of nervousness with regards to the odd casting rumors, plot details, and wildcards. I trust the vision of the A-list actors and David Ayer as well as the heads over at DC, but I they haven't proven themselves just yet. Until then I will remain cautious, but this movie still excites me.

What do you guys think? Are you as nervously optimistic as I am? Are you concerned with some casting or the prospect of using these villains in other movies? Do you love some of the casting as much as I do? Let me know in the comments!

"What Did I Just See?" Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

Regardless of how you might stand on the thought of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, you must admit the hype surrounding this trailer was immense. For months we've heard the rumblings of a trailer on it's way and it has finally arrived. It feels like a weight has been lifted and the veil tossed away. The moment has come and all of our eyes have seen it (if not seen it hundreds of me)! From the moment the trailer began to the second it ended, I was hooked. Now I must admit that I've been a Batman fan since I was 4, so my initial reaction to this trailer was to be expected. However, after the hundreds of times I've viewed this since the leak to the HD trailer released by Snyder, I have really taken the time to analyze every aspect of this trailer. After so much thought, my reaction only grows stronger. With each viewing I find myself just as enthralled as the first time. From the tone, to the dialogue, to the set, to the costume, to the camera angles, to the easter eggs, to the symbolism, I was giddy(not a description I often use especially for myself). This trailer set the tone for the exact Batman I've longed to see for so long. Never before have we seen a Batman as big, as brooding, as menacing, as brutal, as we've seen Ben Affleck's Batman to be so far. Also, no movie incarnation of Superman prior to Henry Cavill could have ever stood up to any Batman, let alone this one. But, that is why this trailer sold me so well. It gave me the best Batman I've ever seen, but gave me a Superman worth fighting. Nothing is more boring than getting something so good to use it on something so crappy. Luckily, I don't believe this is one of those situations. Finally, the money shot. Batman asking Superman, "Tell me, can you even bleed? You will." This just pumped everything up to 11! We know now, the battle is on, and it's going to be a crazy one. Overall, the trailer itself was a home run not just for someone like me who loves Batman, but as a film fan. It had everything a teaser needs with a good balance of exposition, tonal direction, and of course a money shot worth seeing and hearing.

Now, I know some have already began to pick apart everything in the trailer, for instance Mr. Sunday Movies has already done a "Things You Missed" video on the trailer that you can watch here, but I would like to speculate even further. However, Mr. Sunday Movies does a very comprehensive job so if you'd rather watch that click the link above. Alright, let's dive in!

1. Metropolis Reconstruction
So in the opening shot of the Superman statue, farther in the distance you are able to see a crane. I believe this means there is still some rebuilding being done after the MoS battle. However, considering that the other buildings seem to be unscathed, I'm assuming this is at least a year or so later. It looks as if most of the devastation as been rebuilt, but as if there are still some areas to clean up.

2. Pockocmoc Satellite
Now this one could admittedly be absolutely nothing, but let's speculate anyway! I think the inclusion of Superman holding the either Russian missile or satellite could be an indication that Superman does indeed work in some shape or form for the government. I believe Superman will be working with the government in order to prove his allegiance, and in doing so will help show the world that America is under his supervision. Also, this could be a nice nod to The Dark Knight Returns when Superman intercepts a Russian nuke and it detonates leaving most of America in a blackout.

3. The Riddler
Obviously, I must mention the Riddle question mark that any Batman fan would have seen stick out. It's a very nice nod to the length of Batman's career so far as well as a nod to the Riddler's existence in this universe so far. Personally, I hope we see the Riddler pop up in a Batman standalone because one thing lacking in the Batman movies so far is his detective side. The Riddler challenges his abilities to deduce and to use his genius intellect to solve a problem rather than his physical strength. This aspect of Batman is one of his most important character traits and it has not been used to it's potential so far. Hopefully a Riddler can help flesh that out a bit more.

4. Ben Affleck Staring at the Batsuit
Now this is something that I only noticed after the millionth time I watched the trailer. When Affleck stares at his costume, you can see a light flickering on his face. It looks to me like light from a tv or a monitor. It also is flashing fairly quickly which would indicate a fast moving image. I believe this is a flashback to the destruction of Metropolis and Bruce contemplating his return to the Cape and Cowl. This makes sense because right at this moment Jeremy Irons, who will be Alfred, mentions getting a fever, from the feeling of hopelessness. It wouldn't be anything too special, but still a nice tidbit to know Bruce was watching, and the Superman was the catalyst to make Batman return.

5. Seeing Batman Walk
There's a point in the trailer where Batman walks out from some form of devastation. To me this looks like the location that Wonder Woman was seen standing in her reveal poster. Perhaps this could be a sequence later in the movie after Bruce and Kal make up, or before hand, and this battle is how they meet.

6. What the Hell is In His Hand? 
In the same shot with the Riddler logo, Batman is seen holding a large object but it is unclear as to what it is. It looks almost like a Gravity Hammer from Halo, but I digress. I wonder if it some weapon he is using against Superman. Also, another quick note, Batman is holding a sniper rifle in another shot, similar to another scene inThe Dark Knight Returns where he uses a rifle.

7. The Alfred Dialogue
Obviously, I touched on it earlier, but these few line (expertly delivered by Irons) have a lot to say about Batman. Like I mentioned, I believe the hopelessness he refers to could be Bruce's reaction to discovering someone so powerful exists in his world, but I also believe it speaks about Batman's past. The line right after this one says, "It turns good men, cruel." I believe this supports the idea that Joker has killed Jason Todd in this universe. I think Alfred is talking about Batman's inability to save Jason, in which he's never been the same. After this death, he became more cruel and punishing. Perhaps this is Alfred's warning to Superman.?

Finally, thank you all so much for reading (if you even made it this far). I know this was a bit of a long one, but there was just so much for this Batman nerd to say! Again I loved this trailer. I feel like it delivered on everything a teaser should have as well as everything a nerd like me could want. If you liked this analysis please comment, share, and thumbs up! Go watch Mr. Sunday Movies "Things You Missed" video on this trailer, and let me know how you liked the trailer. Is there something you wish you saw that you didn't? Did you not like the trailer? What are your speculations? Sound off below!