May 24, 2015

Why I'm Nervously Optimistic for Suicide Squad

For a while now we've received pretty steady updates about the Suicide Squad movie. There have been many rumors and a lot of facts. I'm going to address both and figure out why we should be both excited and nervous about this movie. This movie is undoubtedly going to big especially since it will be riding off of the success of BVS.  However, I think there are some issues that could either sink the movie or elevate them. It's obviously too soon to tell which they will be, so let the speculation begin!

The Reliable

1. Heavy Names

One of the reasons Suicide Squad got such immediate attention was the cast involved with the project. The project consisted of A-list actors with real talent. The names that currently stick out in the cast are, Will Smith, Margo Robbie, Jared Leto, and Viola Davis. All four are undeniably incredibly talented. I believe Will Smith will bring his A-game and portray Deadshot with the emotion, depth, and precision that he had in I Am Legend. Margo Robbie is a star that is only continuing to burn brighter. She embodies everything that Harley Quinn is, and has shown she can do everything the character requires except the acrobatics. Jared Leto is an Academy Award winning actor. This is the first movie he's doing after he won the award. I have absolute faith in him that he can pull off the menacing, cerebral, maniacal, character of the Joker. Throughout his film career he's shown all of these traits. Finally, Viola Davis is a phenomenal actress who is very hot right now with the success of How to Get Away With Murder. She is an actress who can demand respect and is the physical embodiment of power. Her conniving performance in How to Get Away With Murder only further supports the fact that she was perfectly cast as Amanda Waller. Altogether, just these four alone bring enough to the table to make sure this movie will be jammed pack with immense talent and emotion.

2. David Ayer
David Ayer is a proven writer and director. He's shown that he knows how to write for a dynamic team as well as direct big name actors on a team. I would even go as far as saying that he thrives with ensembles. Beside the fact that he's a great director and writer, he has been very open about the fact that he's doing his research. He has even posted pictures of Suicide Squad comics on his twitter. Ayer is putting in the time to really understand this collection of characters so that he can more accurately portray them, instead of taking huge liberties to suit his own creative desires. Also, with other photos he's posted, he demonstrates his attention to detail. He really cares about making everything right.

3. Character Choices
The characters they've chosen to have in the film are all interesting characters. Yes, even Captain Boomerang. All of these characters are multidimensional and bring something different to the table. It will be extremely interesting and entertaining seeing them play off of each other. There interactions between each other could even give us glimpses into the future where each respective villain could meet their heroic counterpart. I just think that each character choice was great not only for staying true to the comic origins of the team, but for also creating an atmosphere that will foster great chemistry between the actors and characters.

The Worrisome

1. The Loss of Tom Hardy

It's ridiculous to think that Tom Hardy's departure wouldn't leave some sort of tear in the project. When the cast was first mentioned, every article had Tom Hardy's name plastered first everywhere. His name is arguably the biggest to be mentioned with the project. For him to depart is ample reason for concern. We are told that he left due to scheduling conflicts, but most know that this is a polite way for the studio and the actor to say that they are parting ways due to other reasons. Now, we have Joel Kinnaman, who I'm growing to like as an actor, taking his spot as Rick Flag. This just doesn't sit well with me, considering the fact that Rick Flag is supposed to act as the leader on the team. I just can't see Joel Kinnaman demanding respect from big names like Will Smith or Margo Robbie. I don't think he brings enough gravitas to the role that Tom Hardy would have brought.

2. Deathstroke
We've been hearing many different rumors about who is going to play Deathstroke. It was rumored that Joe Manganiello was up for the role, but he recently dismissed this rumor. Recently, Jim Parrack was rumored for the role, but even that seems to be false. So we don't know who will be playing Deathstroke, but I am concerned with the apparent lack of involvement with the film. From what we've heard the film isn't going to feature very much Deathstroke. I think he should be playing a much more integral part in the film. Also, I want an actor who is as big as Ben Affleck and around the same age. I could see a Clive Owen or even Mark Strong portraying the character. I feel both bring gravitas as well as the physicality needed for the role.

3. Ike Barinholtz
It was announced via table read photo of the cast that Ike Barinholtz was in the movie. Personally, I love him as a comedian and I've been following him since his Mad TV days. However, what the hell is he doing in this movie? There has been A LOT of speculation that he could be Hugo Strange, but my mind just refuses to let me believe this. He did recently affirm that his role will be a very different side of him that we haven't seen, but I still can't shake the feeling that his presence will take me out of the movie. I don't know if he can be put in a scene with actors of such high caliber and deliver.

The Wildcards

1. Jai Courtney

I'm not one of the people who bash Jai Courtney and think he's terrible. Now, I don't think he's very great, but I think it's apparent that he has talent. I don't think he's been in very good movies, but I think he's done the best he could in those movies. I believe this will be the role that makes him a star deserved of the title. I just hope he doesn't disappoint like he did in Divergent or Die Hard. I hope they let him be funny because he's a funny guy, but it always neutered into being a straight-faced serious guy in all of his roles. I'm optimistic about his casting, but I'm also cautious.

2. The Tone
Although, like I stated before, I have confidence in David Ayer as a writer and director, I'm concerned about the overall tone of the movie. I feel like it should have elements of comedy, but needs to be dark considering we're following the journeys of murderous villains. However, with the current MoS and the trailer for BVS, the DCCU seems to be a dark and dreary place. This is fine, but I just don't know if the humor that I hope is in Suicide Squad will feel out of place. I feel like this will be one of those things that will either really work or really miss and we will all notice it.

3. Where Do These Characters Fit?
Now earlier I said that it would be fun to see these villains go against their heroic counterparts, but I don't know how well that might work. For instance, Killer Croc. I'm ecstatic at the fact that he will be brought to life on screen, however I am having a hard time picturing him in a Batman movie without the support of the other villains on screen. Also, I think Will Smith will kill it as Deadshot, but I don't want him to only show up in Suicide Squad movies. I just don't think they have any interest in using him in a Batman movie though. Even Captain Boomerang, who is a pretty lame villain let's just all admit it, would be hard to fit into a Flash movie. Most of these characters need each other to work as well as I think they will in Suicide Squad.

Overall, I still think this movie will slay at the box office and be a fantastic movie. I will remain optimistic until we know more, but I couldn't shake this feeling of nervousness with regards to the odd casting rumors, plot details, and wildcards. I trust the vision of the A-list actors and David Ayer as well as the heads over at DC, but I they haven't proven themselves just yet. Until then I will remain cautious, but this movie still excites me.

What do you guys think? Are you as nervously optimistic as I am? Are you concerned with some casting or the prospect of using these villains in other movies? Do you love some of the casting as much as I do? Let me know in the comments!

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