Jun 30, 2015

The Force Awakens: Brainiac's Return (Fanfic)

Hey all! This is a contest submission I had done for MoviePilot.com. I figured since that that competition is over now, I could post it here for those who hadn't seen it. Give it a read and let me know what you guys think!

An Awakening

The universe has always been full of ghost stories and myths, but none like this. There is a old tale of a being able to absorb and capture entire planets and civilizations who would travel on a world sized machine. They call him Brainiac. The universe hasn’t seen anything like this in quite a long time, but the presence of his myth can be seen throughout the galaxy. For instance, The infamous Death Star was built in part due to the idea that such a sizable machine could even exist. However, the universe is about to be shown the true damage a myth can really cause, once the myth becomes reality. It’s been 30 years since the last Death Star was destroyed by Luke and company, but now Brainiac has begun to absorb the technology of entire worlds while also bottling others for observation. Brainiac, having absorbed such a huge portion of the known galaxy in such a short time, has begun a reason worthy enough for Luke to come out of retirement. However, Luke knows that much like before in his life, he’ll need some help. This time he’ll have to reach out farther than just Cloud City or Dagobah.

Luke and His Disciples

Luke, although being in hiding, has become an experienced Jedi Master who has been keeping a close eye two young people who are very force sensitive. These two people are of course, Rey and Finn. With the threat of Brainiac absorbing the universe and capturing the rest, Luke recruits both Rey and Finn so that he may guide them much like Obi Wan did for him. He knows that if they hope to stand a chance, they’ll need new blood to stand against an enemy of this magnitude. However, he knows that these aren’t the only two he will need to stand against the mighty Brainiac.

The Justice League

Hal Jordan, during his travels throughout the universe on various missions for the Green Lantern Corps, met Luke Skywalker just a few years after the second Death Star was destroyed. Luke, sensing Hal Jordan’s great strength and sense of justice befriended him when Jordan was on mission on Tatooine. Luke, who had began to sense a dark presence in the universe, told Jordan that one day he may call on him to fight a force stronger than he. Jordan, being concerned with the idea that Luke would ever not be strong enough to defeat an enemy on his own, quickly told Luke that if he ever needed his assistance to just click this button. Jordan of course handed him a Justice League galactic pager. Jordan, once back on Earth, told his companions of his new friend and the rising threat. Now, with the pager beeping and the threat clear and present, the Justice League knows that it must rise to the occasion. They are going to a galaxy far, far away.

Ultimate Doom

Luke along with Finn and Rey have taken shelter on the abandoned planet of Jakku to await the Justice League and Brainiac’s arrival. Unfortunately, Brainiac is first to appear. With trillions of nanites Brainiac launches a full on assault on the trio. Luke is able to create a defined line of defense using his enhanced force shield while Rey and Finn fend off any nanites that make it through. The Justice League arrive to find Luke struggling to maintain his defenses. Superman and Martian Manhunter begin to use their strength to fend off the nanite attack on the Jedi, while Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Batman launch an aerial attack on Brainiac’s main ship. Brainiac being as strong and brilliant as he is, quickly grounds Batman and incapacitates Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. He orders his nanite army to cover Superman with kryptonite laced nanites that enter his bloodstream and incapacitate him. He also sets fire to the surface where the heroes fight for survival. While doing this, Luke, Rey, and Finn reach Batman’s downed Batwing, but Martian Manhunter, busy with defending the Jedi, is overcome by the fire. Luke is able to maintain a force shield around the remaining heroes, while Rey and Finn help Batman. Right as Batman emerges, Luke who has been holding off the full force of Brainiac’s nanites by himself is overcome and consumed by Brainiac. Rey and Finn attempt to use their combined strength to fend off the hoards of nanites, but can only create a small radius of safety. Batman sets off an emergency low range EMP that deactivates many nanites surrounding them. Brainiac annoyed by their persistence decides to personally dispose of the last heroes. He emerges to find both Rey and Finn suffering from exhaustion and a wounded Batman. Brainiac, thinking that Rey and Finn being Jedi is a bigger threat, disposes of them rather quickly due to their inability to defend themselves after using so much of the force at once. Finally, Brainiac stands in front of Batman disappointed that he is the only hero left, and poses no threat. However, right as Brainiac puts his hand to Batman’s throat, a light flashes from beneath him. It is only after the cut has been made that Brainiac is able to comprehend the damage. Batman, a mere mortal man, has killed Brainiac with Luke’s lightsaber with a stab to the chest. Batman, saying the last words Brainiac will ever hear, painfully says to the myth that is Brainiac, “Do you bleed? You will.”

So did you guys like my little bit of fanfic? Should things have gone down differently? Let me know! Also be sure to check me out on MoviePilot.com/HaneyCasey as well as follow me on Twitter @HaneyCasey! Thanks for reading!

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