Jun 4, 2015

"What Did I Just See?": Fallout 4 Trailer (FINALLY!)

Well holy shit everyone. This is cause for celebration. I feel like there should be a collective nerd chant just screaming “fallout! Fallout! Fallout! FALLOUT!” Regardless of what I wish we could all do, I’m sure we are all in agreeance that this trailer kicked major ass. This is one of the most anticipated sequels, let alone games, of all time. The only game more anticipated than this is probably Half-Life 3 (get your shit together Vavle). Instead of doing  the usual what did and didn’t work though, today we’re going to just kick back and drink a Nuka Cola, ignore the +rads, and focus on the pure nuclear glory that is this trailer. Let’s dive into the vault and dissect this trailer.

What Worked?
(Besides Everything)
We’re Back Wastelanders!
Where to begin other than the wasteland? The only other thing that doesn’t change in Fallout other than war, is the Wasteland. It’s still full of desert...lots of desert, scumbags, Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel, Mysterious Strangers, Ghouls, Robots, and shit all blown to pieces. However, this time we’re in Boston as confirmed by many Bostonians calling out all the landmarks (in real life not the trailer obviously). Many speculated that this would be the next local and we were right! This time though, it looks as if we can do much more exploring inside more common buildings, and possibly even have transport available to us, i.e. airships. But more on that later. We see an interesting dichotomy between prewar Boston to postwar Boston and wow have things changed. It is worth noting that the amount of prewar footage shown seems to indicate some sort of playable sequence in that era, which is always welcomed! I’m just glad to be back.

I said we’d get to it, and here we are. I always said to a friend of mine that the only thing to make Fallout more interesting would be a way to quickly traverse the Wasteland without fast travel or slowly jogging like a girl like all of our characters did. And now it seems more obvious than ever that we are actually getting that in the form of airships. They are extremely prevalent throughout the trailer, and as we know, Bethesda doesn’t put something in that much without there being a reason for it. Most are hoping that they are actually controllable and not just spectatable, much like the lame ass dragons in Skyrim. Don’t do this to us Bethesda….this means too much to all of us.

The Gang(s) Is/Are Back!
The Brotherhood of Steel looks strong as ever and the Enclave seem to be regrouping in Boston as well. There are also some street posters that indicate more street level gangs that we are used to getting involved in. Factions are a huge part of Fallout, and it looks like each gang is turning into an army. Choosing a side could be more fun than ever (Brotherhood of Steel all the way bitches).

As we could see in the trailer, the power armor that is being worked on in the garage/shop seems to be on display as if you could repair or customize it with much more precision and detail, as never seen before in previous games. It would be awesome to be able to more specifically repair your armor as well as customize it, possibly creating your own faction. Also, it is worth noting that the main character’s Vault 111 garb looks much nicer and a bit different than previous Vault clothing. Maybe you can even customize the logos on existing gear, or their Vault was just fancier than everyone else’s.

The Main Character
What really set this trailer aside from the other Fallout games was the character speaking at the end. When he spoke I almost lost my shit. Now, this could possibly just be voice work simply for the trailer, but it would be awesome to finally have a character that speaks and is acted by voice talent. I don’t think it would take away from the usual Fallout experience, but merely enhance it. It is a departure, but a good one I think.

Overall Assessment

If you’re not shitting your pants in excitement already, then you’re either dead or a ghoul because this game looks like a glorious masterpiece. I can’t wait to see more coverage at E3. You should be excited for this game and I think this trailer did everything to get you to lose your mind with excitement.

Score: Masterpiece/Masterpiece

As always, let me know if I’m just dead wrong, or if you agree with me. Are you crapping your pants? With excitement I hope...Have you preordered it yet? If so, may I have your copy? Sound off below! Thanks for reading as always and please follow me on Twitter @HaneyCasey.

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