Jul 13, 2015

A Song of Criminals and Cowls: Batman & Game of Thrones Mash-Up

Game of Thrones
Iron Throne.jpg
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The worlds of Westeros and Gotham meet in this world clashing fan cast. We intermix the roles of those in Westeros with those in Gotham. Each one is individually cast based on character traits, and it is not just based on age, height, weight or looks. Let’s find out who is who and why they fit the bill!

Bruce Wayne (Batman): Jon Snow
batman fancast.jpg
So, starting off this fancast is the one and only Batman. I thought long and hard about who relates most to the Dark Knight. Considering he’s my favorite character of all-time it took a lot of thinking. However, I think Jon Snow is my guy.

Jon is a man of extreme will and honor. These are the two most important components to Batman. Both have lost their parents who were important figures in their respective worlds and helped hold the world together. Their worlds were both thrown into a bit of chaos upon the death of each of their parents. Jon Snow also looks most like Batman to me. He reminds me a lot of Batman from Year One. He is a young man with strong convictions and an unwavering sense of morality. He puts others before himself even when it is detrimental to him. Jon is not only a leader, but tries hard to lead those who need it most. He also has his close confidant as well as his disciples. Jon Snow, in my eyes at least, is the only man in the GoT universe worthy of donning the cowl (also, he’s constantly in black and grey just like Batman).

Jason Todd (Red Hood): Olly
Red Hood Got.jpg
Olly is my Red Hood for his relation and actions to and towards Jon Snow. He is one of Jon Snow’s confidants and trainees, who then betrays him by delivering the fatal blow to him. He, much like Jason Todd, has a tendency towards extreme measures. When Jon wants to help the Wildlings, Olly urges him to abandon them and let them die. Jason Todd would casually beat criminals to a pulp when they were low level crooks who didn’t deserve that degree of punishment. His betrayal is what ultimately connects Olly to Tim. Like Jason, Olly knew what would draw Jon out and how he could defeat him. Jason knows Batman intimately and knows what his soft spots are, making him a formidable foe.

Dick Grayson (Nightwing): Oberyn Martell
nightwing got.jpg
Oberyn, to me, is a perfect Nightwing. He is someone based in honor and skill. He is one of the most skilled fighters around and has a bit of cockiness to him. Nightwing is the embodiment of all of these traits in the Batverse. Nightwing, having been trained by Batman, is now an extremely proficient fighter with a style similar to Oberyn. Having to constantly prove himself, he is now a bit cocky about his level of skill in attempt to show Batman that he is indeed a worthy protege. Both men are men who fight for the innocent and for a bit of revenge. Like Nightwing, Oberyn’s family has been murdered and his crusade for justice is based on this fact.

Barbara Gordon (Batgirl/Oracle): Sansa Stark
Batgirl got.jpg
These are two strong women. Batgirl is a woman who has had to play coy, survive extreme trauma, and fight for her life with her extreme perseverance. Sansa is the exact copy (and I don’t mean that in a bad way). We’ve seen Sansa endure rape, family murder, torture, and being sold into marriage multiple times. There are few women who could endure such harshness and still want to live and still want to fight. Much like Barbara, who was shot by the Joker and stripped naked while he took photos to later show her father, Sansa has seen the worst in the world through Joffrey, Ramsay, and Little Finger. Somehow, both women’s perseverance keeps them going no matter what they face, and they admittedly face the worse of both of their worlds.

James Gordon: Samwell Tarly
Comissioner Gordon got.jpg
Being Jon Snow’s best friend doesn’t hurt Sam in this casting choice! Not only is he Jon’s partner and confidant, but he has an unshakable sense of what is right, regardless of his ability to uphold what he believes at all times. Gordon is someone who tries his hardest to uphold the law in a city full of supervillains, whilst remaining a normal man. He cannot fight Bane, bust Penguin, scare Scarecrow, or kill the Joker, but dammnit if he won’t try! This reminds me a lot of Sam who defends Gilly at all costs even though he isn’t the most fit to do so. He knows what is important to him, and is willing to dedicate his life to defend it, just like Gordon.

Tim Drake (Robin): Arya Stark
Tim Drake got.jpg
This was another easy choice for me. Arya is a girl who is a girl of strong convictions. She knows what she wants and what she believes and goes to extreme lengths to achieve them. She is trained well in fighting and perception and is able to hold her own regardless of her age and size. Tim Drake was always the underdog to me when it came to Robins. He was always one who was overshadowed by the others, but who deserved to be a Robin. He is very highly skilled and disciplined. He follows Batman’s crusade and sometimes challenges him on his calls much like Arya follows the Many-Faced God, but questions the teachings. They are both hard headed characters, but they are not hindered by this trait.

Alfred Pennyworth: Aemon Targaryen
Alfred Pennyworth got.jpg
Aemon was the second casting choice that I thought of. Right when I decided Jon was Batman, it was instantaneous that I thought of Aemon as Alfred. He is right there with Jon providing counsel to the troubled man, but has a lot of experience that isn’t immediately recognized. Alfred is a man who is trained in medicine, much like a Maester would be, and he acts as a father figure not only to Batman, but to the rest of the Bat-Clan as well. He is a just man who knows how to give advice without giving the answers. Aemon is a master at helping leading Jon to the choice that Jon feels is right rather than telling him what to do. Both are always there for the other and are irreplaceable.

Thomas Wayne: Eddard Stark
Thomas Wayne got.jpg
Here we are with the meeting of patriarchs. Both men are the epitome of honor, intelligence, and legacy. However, when both men die in their universes, it throws each into chaos. Thomas Wayne’s death helps bring the birth of Batman and all of his villains. His death also throws Gotham into a spiral of chaos as people fight to overtake the power held by the late Thomas Wayne. The exact same thing happens when Ned Stark meets the blade. His death in season 1 is the major catalyst for all of the conflicts being explored throughout GoT. Without his death some of our favorite heroes and villains wouldn’t have risen up.

Amanda Waller: Cersei Lannister
Amanda Waller got.jpg
Now these two are some cold-hearted women. As cold-hearted as they may be, they are both women of extremes whether it be their will, their power, their influence, their cunning, or their idealism. We’ve seen Cersei do horrible things in order to get what she wants, but she also uses her wits to keep most of her control over others. Amanda Waller goes toe to toe with Batman in regards to intelligence and always uses her cunning and planning to keep Task Force X in check. These women command respect and ooze power.

Lucius Fox: Tyrion Lannister
Lucius Fox got.jpg
Both of these men are the best at what they do--advise. Lucius Fox’s role has always been to inform Batman and create gadgets in order to help his crusade against injustice. Tyrion has always served as royalty and his one of the most intelligent characters in all of GoT. Although he is one of the main characters, as well as one of my favorites, he is best utilized as the second in command. He is better at keeping his higher up well informed and ahead of the curve. They both are always willing to tell their higher-up what it is they need to hear rather than just what they want to hear. This trait makes both men invaluable assets.

Ra’s Al Ghul: Tywin Lannister
Ra's Al Ghul got.jpg
When I think of both of these men, only one word comes to mind--legacy. These men are obsessed with legacy to the point where it is actually one of their major flaws. Ra’s al Ghul wants nothing more than to find a worthy successor to take up the mantle of The Demon’s Head. However, he does not deem one of his children as this successor and is obsessed with making Batman his successor. He just wants someone worthy of his name. Tywin Lannister despises Tyrion, has a daughter in Cersei, and Jaime cannot marry due to his enlistment with the Kingsguard. His legacy has now been tainted, and he wishes to due his best to try and create a worthy legacy so that perhaps somehow the Lannister name may live on. This obsession is in part what causes his death.

Talia Al Ghul: Daenerys Targaryen
Talia Al Ghul got.jpg
Both of these women are deadly, cunning, powerful, and passionate. Daenerys wants nothing more than to rule and command her people, but is tainted by the actions of her family before her. Even though she can sometimes act like those who came before her, she strives to be different and become her own women and ruler. Talia, living under the pressure and dissatisfaction of her father, strives to lead the League while also adapting to life now. She cares vehemently for her people but also finds love outside of her immediate area. She is a powerful assassin and is highly respected among the ranks of assassins. She shows more restraint and understanding than her father. Much like Daenerys, she struggles to find a balance in living her own life while still remembering  where her heritage lies.

Poison Ivy: Melisandre
Poison Ivy got.jpg
Do I even need to explain? Both of these red witches are seductive and deadly. They use their powers of persuasion to get what they want, and cause harm. Both have a mystical side to them. Melisandre often seems to exclude herself from the outcomes of events in her world, appearing to only care because the Lord of Light does. Poison Ivy oftens displays a similar disconnection with people by usually referring to them as humans, and identifying more as a plant. She seems to only care about the quarrels of man when it directly involves the well being and interest of her plants. Plus, the hair. I mean come on. It’s definitely the hair.

Harley Quinn: Myranda
Harley Quinn got.jpg
Psycho is psycho no matter where you’re from. Both Harley and Myranda are head over heels in love with their murderous lovers. Both of their obsessions actually cause them immediate harm, yet they always remain in love. They both carry out horrible actions in the name of their significant others. They are also both skilled killers but are sometimes blinded by their obsession with their lovers.

Joker: Ramsay Bolton
joker got.jpg
Just look at these two. They are almost identical! Beside just the physical resemblance, both are fucking batshit crazy. Sadomasochism barely begins to explain the psychosis of both of these maniacal killers. They kill with repulsive precision, enjoyment, and indiscrimination. They love toying with their victims as well as spontaneously killing those who are anything but deserving. Torture is also their favorite hobby. The Joker loves to torture as we’ve seen in the Killing Joke with Gordon and Barbara, or in Death in the Family with Jason Todd, or even Harley. Ramsay tortured Ree-I mean Theon for an entire season of the show! He then repeatedely rapes Sansa and beats her. These men are two peas in a pod.

Bane: The Hound
Bane got.jpg
These massive men have danced on the line of villain and antihero. Bane has been a formidable foe for Batman for a long time, but has also worked alongside him to take down other criminals. He has a code of honor colored in grey and is a brutal man. He lives in pain, much like The Hound. The Hound is a character that we all hated in the beginning, but grew to like a tad considering his protection of young Arya. However, even during this time, he brutally killed people, lied, and cheated to get his way. He is a survivor who does what it takes to get his way, much like Bane.

Solomon Grundy: The Mountain
Solomon Grundy got.jpg
These Hulks are obviously physically alike. They are huge monsters and can take a huge fucking beating. They are also both unable to die. They also rise back up. Both are brutes with little going on in their heads, but a lot going on in regards to their muscles. We’ve seen both go beserk in blind fits of rage and perform horrible acts. Solomon Grundy has also been easily controlled and manipulated over the years and used to further other’s agendas. The Mountain is a loyal servant to Cersei and only lives to serve her.

Catwoman: Nymeria Sand
Catwoman got.jpg
Now you might not know too much about Nymeria Sand if you watch Got, but if you read the books, you may know more about her. She is described as the most observant and cunning Sand Snake. She takes her time and assesses her enemy before striking, relying on her ability to calculate and read a certain situation. She does not rely on brute strength and is extremely skilled with a whip. Catwoman is a small woman, but is known for her cunning and ability to work her enemy down. Her precision with her whip is renowned as well as her ability to move with skill and precision. Both are extremely agile and chillingly calculating.

Clayface: Jaqen H’ghar
Clayface got.jpg
I, like most people, really love Jaqen H’ghar. His ability to change faces and his devotion to the god that grants him this ability is much like Clayface. Clayface can replicate not only people’s looks but voices much like Jaqen. Clayface’s motivations have changed over the years, but he has always remained devoted to giving the best performance he can due to his background in theater. Both men devote their lives to perfecting their crafts of shapeshifting.

Deathstroke: Bronn
deathstroke got.jpg
These are my two of my favorite characters of all-time. However, both men are arguably the best swordsmen in their universes as well as skilled mercenaries. Both love the challenge of fighting someone of a similar skill level to themselves. Although Deathstroke has had more time as a villain, he is still very much so an anti-hero. He does live by a code, even though it isn’t the most honorable. Bronn has people he cares about, but doesn’t always rise to the occasion to help them unless there is something in it for him. To be honest, I’d love to see both of these men have a sword duel.

Scarecrow: Qyburn
Scarecrow got.jpg
These two frightening monsters of men are mad scientists with bad intentions. Scarecrow specializes in scaring people while Qyburn uses his talents to do several horrific things, both men share in a desire to use science to create evil things. Scarecrow wants to use his fear toxin to harm those in Gotham as well as Batman. Qyburn wants to revive the Mountain so that he may protect and kill for Cersei Lannister. They both win the mad scientist fair in their universes.

Michael Lane (Azrael): Jorah Mormont
Azrael got.jpg
After playing through Arkham Knight I really fell in love with Michael Lance’s Azrael. I instantly thought of Ser Jorah when playing as Azrael. Both are men trained to kill for what they think is a righteous cause, when both are confronted with conflicting ideals. They both must choose which it is they align themselves with. During this decision they battle internally with turning their life upside down as well as keeping the trust of those around them because both have, or have attempted to, betray those who they serve/work with now. Both are honorable men, but have conflicting ideologies that they are constantly struggling to overcome.

Well there it is! Thanks for sticking around, and I apologize if I didn’t cover your favorite character from either universe. I put a lot of work into this, so I hope you enjoyed the read, and I look forward to doing more fancasts like this in the future. As always, let me know what you think in the comments below and be sure to follow me on Twitter @HaneyCasey, Moviepilot.com/HaneyCasey, and on my website SlackerNerds.com!

Jul 12, 2015

Top 10 Greatest Moments of Comic-Con 2015

Well Comic-Con has come and gone once more and us nerds are left tired and worn out. But with that tiredness comes extreme forms of joy and excitement. This year was definitely a huge year for Comic-Con whereas the last couple have sizzled a bit. Many of us were anticipating what releases and announcements were going to come out of this years conventions, and I can say that I was thoroughly pleased. So, let’s grab our badges once more, and enter the Top 10 greatest moments of Comic-Con 2015.

10. Bill Murray

Comic-Con was rocked when Bill Murray came out of the shadows to appear on a panel for his upcoming movie Rock the Kasbah. It was his first ever appearance and he fit right in immediately. The nerd community has a huge affinity for Bill Murray so it was no surprise how huge of an impression just his presence left on Comic-Con.

9. Legend of Korra

Legend of Korra Comic - Teaser Image

It was announced that the creators of Legend of Korra will indeed be doing a graphic novel run that expands the universe and stories of the characters we know and love. I am a huge Legend of Korra fan, and, with the series ended, I thought I had seen the last of Legend of Korra. I’m so thrilled to be returning to this universe and getting to read more stories of my favorite characters. Hopefully, while being in comic form, the creators are allowed more freedom in showing the relationship between Korra and Asami as well as diving even further in depth about the impact of death on the show. This was a grown up show already, but I hope the comic will really allow them to explore the themes they’ve already presented in a greater light.

8. Fear The Walking Dead

We finally have our first trailer for Fear The Walking Dead, and holy shit does it look intense! I was very nervously excited to see what this series was going to bring to the table. I was a bit worried that it was going to be a shitty rehash of stuff we kind of saw in The Walking Dead, but it definitely brought something new to the table. The zombies are the main threat and surviving the initial outbreak seems as hectic as it sounds. I can’t wait for the premier of this series because it’s going to kick some major ass.

7. The Walking Dead

The Ricktatorship is in full affect, and everyone is NOT happy. I loved this trailer so much. Much like previous Comic-Con TWD trailers, it reels you in and then begins to smash you to pieces. We see our Daryl in peril, Rick is becoming even more of an egomaniac, and Morgan is doing the bidding of the people. It sounds like he and Rick are going to be at odds this season, and this internal conflict could help let the zombies shine because if they aren’t focused outside, those walls could come down very quickly. I can’t wait to see what happens!

6. The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke has been one of the most successful, if not THE most successful, Batman vs. The Joker story ever told. It is one of the most compelling and interesting stories that we’ve seen for either character. For years, nerds have begged to see a film adaptation to this, and it’s finally happening. Bruce Timm is overseeing an animated adaptation of The Killing Joke and it will have an extended 15 minute segment so even those who know the story will be getting something new. I can’t wait for this, and I’m glad they’re doing it in the vein of animated series legend Bruce Timm. If anyone will do it justice, it’s him.

5. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Every nerd was patiently waiting for the panel for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Many speculated that we’d get a trailer, while the Schmoes rightly predicted that we’d get a sizzle reel with a look at behind the scenes. This is exactly what we got, but I was not disappointed, nor do I think all of the fans were. The sizzle reel is nothing short of beautiful, and it serves as a love story told from the makers of the movie to the movie. For me, it helped cement my idea that these people love this property so much that they more than anyone else want to get it right. They also then escorted everyone at the panel to an afterparty via Stormtroopers which is fucking awesome.

4. The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Out of everything on this list, this was the biggest surprise for me. I have been following this film since it’s announcement, but I was only mildly intrigued. However, the trailer they put together for their panel was pure genius. This movie looks fucking brilliant and I can’t wait to see it now. Guy Ritchie is proving himself to not only be a phenomenal actor, but a legendary director as well. Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer are great side by side and really work as a duo. This trailer actually had me hoping that this will be the movie that pulls Armie Hammer’s career out of the dumps and propel him towards stardom once more.

3. Suicide Squad

I won’t post the leaked trailer, and it has probably been taken down by now. However, this footage was amazing. It was everything I wanted it to be and then some. We got to see Harley in full action, Deadshot coining “Suicide Squad,” King Shark on a gurney, Killer Croc up close, El Diablo doing what looked like shaving?, and the best part of it all, Joker torturing someone while saying, “I’m not going to kill ya. I’m just going to hurt ya really, really bad.” This trailer delivered on tone, visuals, story, and characters. It gave us very little while still pulling us in. The tone is playful, dark, and villainous. The characters seem unhinged, and dark with just a touch of camp. It’s really a great balance, and David Ayer deserves some respect for pulling this off.

2. Deadpool

Image result for deadpool comic con

Again, I won’t post the leaked trailer, but I’m sure you can find it online still. This trailer was one of the purest comic book adaptations I’ve ever seen. There were 4th wall breaks, call outs to previous Ryan Reynolds movie, extreme violence and gore, pop songs, cussing...a lot of cussing, strippers, and back and forth with Weasel. Nerds were treated to everything they’ve ever wanted from a Deadpool movie. The panel knew how great their product was as well, and had a lot of fun. This movie is obviously hard R and everyone couldn’t be happier. Thank you Fox for having the balls to do this, and thank you Ryan Reynolds for fighting to do this right.

1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

My life is complete. This trailer blew me away. I saw it yesterday morning, and I was literally stunned the entire day. This movie has a scope that is so large and yet it delivers such grounded, emotional shots and sequences. Ben Affleck’s Batman is hands down the greatest Batman adaptation we’ve ever seen on screen. Cavill’s Superman is still lost and trying to gain control. Eisenberg’s Luthor is a piece of garbage that I love to watch. Gadot’s Wonder Woman is the embodiment of not only royalty, but power. And Irons’ Alfred is fucking pure genius. I could listen to him give Batman advice all day. The story is looking as intriguing as ever, and the action is unbelievable but in a good way. I am fucking amped for this movie thanks to this trailer.

As always guys, let me know what you thought below! Was there anything I left off that you thought deserved to be on this list? What was your favorite moment during this year’s Comic-Con? Please be sure to follow me on Twitter @HaneyCasey, check me out on MoviePilot.com/HaneyCasey, and check out my website SlackerNerds.com. Thanks for reading!

"What Did I Just See?": BVS: Dawn of Justice Comic Con Trailer

This trailer was at the top of my list for most anticipated moments for Comic Con this year. As you may know by now, I am a huge Batman fanatic. I live and breath Batman. That being said, I was more than a little pumped when watching this trailer the now 15,000 times that I have. This trailer was simply magnificent in every way so, this installment of “What Did I Just See?” is going to be a little different. I would usually talk about “What Didn’t Work?” but seeing how this trailer was just a nonstop powerhouse of awesomeness, I am going to skip that segment and simply list “What Did Work?” I am also going to talk about some speculations and things you may have missed in the trailer, and what some things in the trailer could allude to. So, lets put on our cowls and breakdown this spectacular trailer!

What Worked?
Holding Superman Accountable
We’ve known for some time that the world will hold Superman accountable for the hundreds of deaths that were a direct cause of his fight with Zod. It’s a great way to open up this trailer at the courthouse where Superman is being tried by a committee. It shows that the world does not yet stand in solidarity with heroes, and most of all, Superman. It gives a great sense of why not only Batman, but the entire world, sees Superman as a threat, and to some degree, a murderer.

Deaths for Batman
We know that Batman has been out of commission for a while and that he’s seen his share of devastation. However, the deaths of his employees, or “family”, and his inability to save them or protect them during Superman’s battle are a great way to motivate Bruce to suit up once more. We know that the driving force for Batman’s crusade is to save those who can’t protect themselves, and to avenge those who have died at the hands of criminals, like his parents who get a nice little scene in this trailer, or Jason Todd whose Robin outfit we see (more on him in the speculation area). Now that Batman has had his family hurt once more, the flames of rage are burning once more.

Jeremy Fucking Irons
There is no one else that could deliver the lines he has with the same amount of gravitas and precision as he does. With a Batman as badass and rage-filled as this one, we needed an Alfred who could contend emotionally with him. Jeremy Irons is the only one that can believably stand up to Batman and tell him like it is. Also, his look is so great. He looks like an old spy who still has that fire burning in him, but with much more wisdom. I can’t wait to see and hear the dialogue between he and Ben Affleck.

Lex Zuckerberg
Even though I wish Lex was a tad bigger, I am totally sold on Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Lex Luthor. He is cocky and deceitful just like how his character should be. He is surprisingly compelling as a formidable foe. There is the obvious brain vs. brawn matchup between he and Superman brewing here. This makes me very excited. Also, he has hair in this trailer, so he will presumably lose it as a plot point, and I’m totally ok with that because that has been done successfully in the past.

Wonder Woman
My doubts of Gal Gadot are gone. She gives off a very good vibe. When fighting she has a smirk like Diana should have. She is obviously up against a formidable opponent, and Wonder Woman always loves a good battle. She looks like, even though she is taking this seriously, she is enjoying a good fight. Also, I’m so glad that she and Batman know each other’s secret identities and that they seem to be a bit flirtatious together. I hope this is a sign that perhaps they will have a bit of a romance, much like in the Justice League animated show. She also looks believable as this strong powerful woman. Many complained that she was too skinny, but she seems very fit and ready for battle in this trailer.

The Batman
I call him The Batman because he is certainly a figure of justice that deserves the “The.” Ben Affleck is fucking killing it in this role as not only The Batman, but as Bruce Wayne as well. He is creating a blend of both personas that mixes extremely well, while also making it believable and understandable that they are both two masks he wears at different times. His motivations, as I touched on above, are great ways to set up the pure rage that is boiling beneath the surface. I love how Ben Affleck is literally trembling with anger throughout this trailer as well. You can see this rage not only in his demeanor, but his eyes as well. When he is watching the devastation of Metropolis, as well as describing Superman’s abilities, you can see the seriousness, sadness, and rage. He is also very agile which has been a problem in the past Batman movies. While being agile, he is also HUGE in stature and extremely demanding whenever he is seen. Ben Affleck is the truest Batman we have ever seen. He embodies all of the physical elements that Batman has, as well as the emotions that come with living under the cowl.

Many people shit on DC for being so dark. I think it’s not only smart for them to embrace this tone as a great way to separate themselves from Marvel, but it's wise of them to stick more closely to the source material they have chosen. There are many incarnations of these characters and they have stated which comics are influencing them. Why would they draw inspiration from the Dark Knight Returns, and then make a movie full of jokes and lightheartedness? It wouldn’t make sense, and would in turn make the film a mess. I applaud them for embracing the source material they are drawing inspiration from, and they are doing a great job capturing the feel of these comics.

This trailer is beautiful. The interspliced shots, establishing shots, close-ups, action shots, etc. They are all done with grace and precision. I loved seeing Superman shoot his heat vision then cut to Batman dodging heat vision (although I don’t believe it is Superman shooting at him). The shots help establish and convey all of what is being said as well as add tidbits of information not being talked about. For instance, my comment about Diana enjoying the battle was in part due to the close-up on her as she is thrown into a wall. The trembling I noticed in Ben Affleck was also in part due to the close-up shots that let us be able to observe these minor details that only further enhance our experience and understanding of the trailer.

Jason Todd
Seeing Jason Todd’s Robin suit with a message from the Joker left behind on it is an obvious indication that he was murdered by the Joker. However, I think that they aren’t just putting this in there for mere dramatic effect. I think this is foreshadowing the events of the upcoming solo Batman film where Jason Todd comes back as the Red Hood. I also think that the staff he is holding is indeed a staff that Jason Todd used. Although it may not look like a traditional staff, it would make sense that perhaps they created a staff with some modifications. I think this is actually what we see Batman holding in the previous trailer, and what he uses to inject kryptonite into Superman with. I also think that he chooses this weapon as a means of motivation and as a reminder that he sees Superman in a similar light to the Joker at this point. He uses this staff because it is that of a fallen comrade taken from him by someone he deems to be a criminal. Superman has already killed his employees that are described as being his family, so it would make sense that he’s using one of his “family” members signature weapon to defeat an enemy that has taken what he holds closest to him.

Joker Knows Everything
It’s very suspicious that the Joker is presumably sending Batman mail directly, and calling him out for letting his family die. His note also serves as a nice poke at the death of Jason Todd at his hands. I’m assuming that during one of their previous altercations, Batman either revealed his alter ego, or it was uncovered by the Joker during the interrogation and torture of Jason Todd. I don’t quite know how or why the Joker knows who The Batman is, but it’s a very interesting dynamic that we haven’t seen before.

The Pockocmoc Satellite
I had brought this up in my review for the first trailer, but we get to see an extended look at the Pockocmoc satellite launch. I am still convinced it is some form of threat that Superman deters as a means of winning over the trust of the American military. It is clearly Russian, but this time the labelling has been removed from the satellite itself. It still bears the Russian flag, and could be a bit of foreshadowing to a larger conflict that will soon involve all of the heroes.

A lot of people are calling out Batman’s obvious necksnap during the desert scene. Many don’t believe it is Batman considering he doesn’t kill people. I am wondering if these “Super Soldiers” are actually people. I’m thinking they might not be. Knowing that Lex will be using Zod’s DNA for something nefarious, and having billions of dollars at his disposal, it would make sense that perhaps Lex has created some sort of humanoid robot squadron. Now here me out. Zack Snyder admitted that Metallo was in the first draft for the film, but was later cut. Metallo is a humanoid robot with the mind of a man and powered by kryptonite. I don’t think its that farfetched to believe that Luthor has created a small scale squadron of androids to battle Superman, in place of Metallo. They can in fact serve as a precursor to the introduction of Metallo. Also, it is suspicious that we never see any skin, or any of the soldiers faces. So, with all of that said, perhaps Batman knows they aren’t human, and is then using lethal tactics in hopes of destroying them.

Doomsday Is Upon Us
From Luthor getting Kryptonite, Zod’s body, and being an all-around maniacal asshole, I think it is obvious that he creates Doomsday. We also see Lexcorps destroyed, as if something escaped, hence all of the bullets on the ground as Luthor walks through the facility. Also, we see a scene with massive devastation and fire as the Batwing flies overhead. As stated before, we see Superman using his heat vision, which he only does in extreme cases. I doubt very much so that he’s using it towards Batman. Also, Wonder Woman wouldn’t fight Superman as she is descibed as the gateway drug to the Justice League, which insinuates she is the uniting force that brings both heroes together. So if she isn’t fighting Superman, or Batman, she must be fighting someone very strong as she is seen being thrown into a wall, and using a powerful attack. I just hope we get to see this big grey son-of-a-bitch soon!

Overall Assessment
This trailer fucking delivered. It gave me more of the story, it conveyed tone, it showed character motivation, and established an overall sense of understanding of the conflict. It kicked major ass all around.

Score: 10/10

If you’ve stuck around this long to read my huge in depth nerdgasm, I thank you! Please be sure to let me know what you all thought in the comments below and let’s start a conversation. What did you think of the trailer? Were you as impressed and blown away as me? Or did you fucking hate it? As always, please follow me on Twitter @HaneyCasey, check me out on MoviePilot.com/HaneyCasey, and check out my own website at SlackerNerds.com.

Jul 1, 2015

"What Did I Just See?": Creed Trailer #1

Well, just like the rest of the internet, I’m going fucking crazy over this Creed trailer. This movie has been on my radar for quite some time, and I’ve been a bit skeptical about it’s existence. All of my doubt has been quelled, and I am now 100% behind this film. It is getting everything right and landing all the punches. Let’s get back up after getting hit by that trailer, and begin to break it down!

What Worked?
Position in This Universe
One of the things I was most worried about was this becoming another Rocky story. I am so done with that character being the center, and I was hoping to see him as a true mentor to Adonis. Luckily, this trailer makes it very clear that Adonis is the star, and Rocky is nothing more than the guide and mentor. There is even a part in the trailer that states, “You legacy is more than your name.” I love this because it is starting us on a new journey with a character that is completely autonomous and not reliant on the history that came before. However, the history and prior movies are just sprinkled into this one which only makes this movie richer. It is the perfect amount of connection to the Rocky movies, while remaining different enough to tell its own story. I couldn’t be more excited for the approach they are taking with this.

Michael B. Jordan
It’s fitting that he’s playing the Human Torch because he is on fucking fire right now! Ever since I saw Fruitvale Station, I had no doubt that he was going to be a super star. He is nothing short of excellent as an actor. He embodies the emotions and lives of each character he portrays. He also has such a sense of realism to him. I truly forget he’s acting when he’s on screen, and I don’t think there is anything greater an actor can do than that. He is so intense and heartfelt in this trailer. There is a hard balance in boxing movies between intensity and heart that the Rocky franchise defined, and it’s great to see that Michael B. Jordan has that same magic that Stallone did back in the day. I have no doubt I will love seeing him perform as much as I did seeing Stallone for my first time in Rocky and the subsequent Rocky films. He had big gloves to fill as a hero for this new take on the franchise, and hasn’t just filled them, but surpassed expectations completely.

The greatest part of the Rocky franchise has been the feeling of realism and the triumph felt from hard work. When we first see Philly, we are brought back to that blue collar environment where hard work is the only way to work. There is this grittiness (and I mean that in the best way possible) about Philly that just serves as the perfect background for a story of an underdog. The tone is very reminiscent of the original Rocky, without feeling like a carbon copy.

Italian Stallion
Thank you Stallone. Thank you for finally doing what we’ve wanted you to do for so long. You are finally approaching one of your existing franchises in a way that is not only believable but a great fit for where you are in not only your career, but also in your life. It’s great to see you be the mentor you deserve to be. I’m confident, just as you are, that Michael B. Jordan will be a worthy successor to the boxing drama genre that you defined. Thank you for guiding and seeking a man of his talent to reinvigorate the franchise you worked so hard to build.

The Music
I don’t know what song that was, but holy shit was it a great fit for this trailer! The way they synced up beats with the punches was fantastic. I also liked the gradual increase in intensity as tension built up with Adonis’s training. The words also fit the boxing genre. Sometimes music can make or break a trailer, and in this case it helped elevate it even further.

Overall Assessment
I would usually do another section called, “What Didn’t Work?” however this trailer was absolute, solid gold. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this trailer and it didn’t leave me with any expectations unfulfilled. It delivered everything and more that I could hope for. It also got me excited for the film as well as giving me a great general sense of the story. The trailer landed every single punch and has definitely knocked me out!

Score: 10/10 Knockout!

As always, let me know what you thought! Did you like the trailer? Is there anything negative you found in it? How excited for this film are you? Please be sure to comment and be sure to follow me on Twitter @HaneyCasey, catch me on MoviePilot.com/HaneyCasey and of course on my website SlackerNerds.com. Thanks for reading!