Dec 12, 2017

Making Cities

I was really inspired by Great GM's video to work on this.

It's taken me a while to be able to sit and work on this, the first part is a resource table. Depending on what hex your settlement is located in roll on the table below; d12 green (grass, scrub, forest, swamp or jungle), d10 desert (tundra, broken/barren, volcano), d8 hills (mountains). River settlements can always have some sort of fishing in addition to the results on the table.

green desert hills
Herd Animal 1 1 1
Stone/Marble 2 2 2
Gems/Metal 3 3 3
Coal 4 4 4
Sugar 5 5 5
Incense 6 6 6
Wood 7 7 7
Cotton 8 8 8
Silk 9 9
Salt 10 10
Fruit 11
Wheat 12

Midpoint and defense settlement don't need to roll on the resource table as their function is based on another factor. More to come as I slowly plug away on this. This was the hardest part, whittling down and organizing.