Jun 26, 2019

Where have I been?

I've taken anunplannedan unplanned break in writting. I continue to update my WA page and release podcasts, but my zine focus has been lost. I feel like it is imposter syndromsyndrome creeping in and I am now trying to fight it. My next planned release is an NPC pamphlet zine, I have four placed in WA, but not written out. I've linked my gol for WA Summer Camp above as I think it's relevant to the direction I am heading. If you want to follow my world there you will be able to see the progress I make throughout July and all of that will filter down into my future zines.

Progress continues, albeit slowly. I am aware of my insecurities and am working my way through the feeling.


Jun 12, 2019

Cockatrice Nuggets #55 show notes

Episode 55
Published on 6.11.2019 Where I talk about Campaign Managment and recap my Midgard Dungeons and Dragons campaign.


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Silent Titans Session Zero
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Silent Titans

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