May 24, 2015

Why I Think a Version of Teen Titans Could Work in the DCCU

A lot might think that I'm crazy for suggesting such an idea, however I really hope to change your minds, and reassure those who think like me. I've wanted for a long time a Robin or Nightwing to exist alongside Batman in a movie like we've had for so long in the comics and animated worlds. Unfortunately, having a kid run around with a full grown man jumping off buildings and fighting bad guys with guns on a school night sounds pretty campy and borderline insane. With DC's desire to remain more grounded and realistic, it's understandable why they've never done a true incarnation of Robin or Nightwing in live action (notice I said TRUE. I'm looking at you Batman Forever and Batman and Robin). Although, I believe now is the perfect time for them to jump into a full scale launch of Teen Titans all beginning with Robin or Nightwing.

We know that this Batman will be an established Batman, and we've heard rumors of him already having gone through several Robins. Many of you may have also seen the "leaked" photo of Dick's grave, however that has not been confirmed just yet. I think the existence of a Robin who has survived and grown up to be a hero of his own. This way, we don't have to see the outlandish spectacle of a boy running around with Batman fighting crime. We'll just know that it has happened and that they have a history together. With Nightwing being established now, we can begin to explore where Nightwing goes and who he meets along the way. This could lead to him meeting Arsenal, the sidekick to Green Arrow. Green Arrow is usually around Batman's age, so it would be easy to think that perhaps Arsenal and Nightwing are around the same age as well. With the introduction of Aquaman as an older man as well, perhaps we could see an Aqualad later on as well who works under the guidance of Aquaman. Another addition to the team could be Raven. I think with the introduction of Enchantress in Suicide Squad, Raven could be a good way to showcase even more magic in a world filled with realism. Finally, Starfire could be another way to show how Superman wasn't the only alien to be on the planet. We could find out that the world has many more secrets in it than we may have thought. For instance, we are still going to learn that there is an entire underwater society, that the Amazons exist, and a man who has a disease that makes him look like a giant crocodile (Killer Croc) all exist within this "realistic" world.

What made me think of this was the X-Men. Now I know that the X-Men and the Teen Titans might now seem like they have much in common, but I think they have more in common than we may have expected. Now, the X-Men in the movies are led by adults who are wisened by their past experiences and can now more compentenly lead those who are young and naive but have great power. The Teen Titans are very similar in that they are trained and led by the biggest names in DC comics. They have all been guided by the most skilled and gifted heroes in their universe. They themselves possess great power or immense skill. In the X-Men movies, many of the young adult mutants are the ones who must step up and handle a lot of the action.

Finally, I know the Teen Titans are fighting an uphill battle to get on to the big screen and that a lot of people don't really want to see them there, but I believe they can fit rather well into this new universe. Another thing to consider, each character can be plugged into larger storylines pretty neatly, especially if they take liberties with other big named comics such as Batman: Hush, Blackest Night, and Infinite Crisis.

As always, what do you guys think? Am I crazy for even thinking this could work? Which Titans would you like to see? Let me know below.

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