Jun 14, 2015

Systematic Sequels: Jurassic Fever

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By now most have seen the powerhouse that is Jurassic World. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ve at least heard of the huge amounts of money it has been making. Fortunately and/or unfortunately it seems like we will be getting Jurassic World sequels. Chris Pratt recently stated that he’s signed on to do a bunch more films if that’s what they desire to do. The movie even sets up for a potential sequel as B.D. Wong escapes the island with all of his research and most of the dinosaur embryos. With all of this information present, it looks as if we are undoubtedly getting a Jurassic World sequel whether we like it or not. I’m going to break down a couple of different ways in which they could make a sequel to this film and speculate as to what is possibly to come. Let’s keep our tickets to Jurassic World and board the speculation train.

Jurassic Wars

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A lot of this film is spent talking about the militaristic applications of these specially bred, and trained dinosaurs. Even Pratt’s character was an ex-Navy man. We saw the military gear the In-Gen is now in possession of as well as all of the men they have in their command. I don’t think that they’d lay on this military layer so heavy without any intention to use it later. We didn’t get a real pay off in this movie other than B.D. Wong escaping with the embryos in an In-Gen helicopter. I think it’s logical to speculate that the next movie could see the actual military application of these dinosaurs. Perhaps, they could use the experience of the Indominus Rex incident to help further their research in controlling these animals’ minds and bodies with even more precision. Once these dino’s start being used in combat, they call in the only man who has a lot of experience in both worlds; Chris Pratt. He will be used as the hero and centerpiece to help wrangle these bred monsters who are now killing on the battlefield. Obviously, the dinos would begin to go crazy and just kill everyone including their breeders, and that is why Pratt is needed so much.

I don’t necessarily like this idea, because I feel like it really takes away from the wonder that is the Jurassic Universe. Colin Trevorrow even said himself in an interview with Schmoes Know that what made Jurassic World so special was the fact that they returned to the original formula of dinosaurs in a park wreaking havoc. I don’t think Jurassic Wars would bring that same formula to the table and would ultimately end up feeling like a beefed up version of The Lost World and the Fast and Furious franchise. Although, a small part of me would love to see these dinos in a more mature climate, but I just don’t think this militaristic aspect is the way to go.

Jurassic Nation

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This could revolve around the fact that the embryos have finally made it off the island and are now presumably being transported back to the United States. With the embryos there, and research/breeding in full swing once again, what would happen if a huge number of dinosaurs were to escape on a piece of land as large as the United States. Again, Pratt, with his Navy background, could be used to help contain the outbreak, while utilizing his dinosaur knowledge and military tactics. Perhaps, the end of the movie has U.S. sectioning off a large piece of land where these dinosaurs are free to roam unharmed and untamed. Much like a nature reserve, but in this case for dinosaurs. This would go along with Pratt’s apprehension about dinosaurs near the general population, but also his immense respect for the creatures. He doesn’t want to just kill dinosaurs, but would rather see them flourish in a healthy environment.

Again, this would bring up memories of the Lost World, but could be on a much bigger scale, and further the world’s perception of dinosaurs in this world. We know that the world had grown tired of the dinosaurs, but after the events of Jurassic World, they’ll be as apprehensive about the presence of dinosaurs as ever. Then to have them basically invade an actual continent would raise the stakes. I would be more interested in this movie because I feel like it’d fit better tonally with the series so far, but I still don’t think that this is really a great option for a sequel.

Do We Need One?

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I really don’t think we need a sequel to this movie, but I think it’s inevitable that we are going to get one. It’s lining up to be one of the largest box office movies of this year let alone of all time. However, I really feel like the the sequel we all wanted to this series was delivered in this movie. We had all of the awesome action, callbacks to the original, raised stakes, and a set of likable characters and dinos. Obviously, they could be doing a sequel that will ultimately blow us all away, but until then I remain skeptical at the idea of having one to this film even though I really enjoyed this movie.

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