Jun 17, 2015

My Best E3 2015 Games

E3 is gaming Christmas for all who love gaming. It’s when we get shown everything that we’ve been speculating about for months or in some cases years. This year was a very big year for gaming and technology and it was really one of the best E3’s we’ve had in a long time. So, as we all do, let’s break down the top ten games from E3 2015. Put on your VR headset and let’s jump in.

10. Rainbow Six Siege

I must admit, I was never a big fan of Rainbow Six games. They were fun but never too engaging. However, this new one has me on the bandwagon. It looks fantastic and different from most shooters out today. The tactical elements are very ornate and complex which adds a great new layer to the classic shooter. I love how the game is really trying to refocus the player’s intentions by making teamwork an essential part of winning. It will be interesting to see how people react and play differently when posed with a team objective.

9. The Last Guardian

Let’s start off with a game that we’ve all been waiting to see for years. We were all captured years ago when The Last Guardian was announced and tid bits of the game were showed. It’s a game that many people have been asking about every year with no information until now. The game looks very charming and fun. I like the problem solving and puzzles involved and it looks alright. Unfortunately, I think some of the hype has died down and the game looks a bit dated. Regardless, I think everyone was just happy to finally see this game that we’ve been yearning for for years.

8. Rise of the Tomb Raider

I, like most people I think, was surprised by the first Tomb Raider game. I had a lot of fun with it and enjoyed the story as well as the game mechanics. It made me very excited to see where else they could go with Lara Croft’s character as well as the supernatural aspects introduced towards the end of the game. This is all showcased in the trailer and the demo for Rise of The Tomb Raider. I’m very excited to see the new locations as well as explore and react as Lara Croft who is now more experienced and damaged. I really think this game is going to surpass the level of satisfaction the first installment set.

7. For Honor

We all love a good melee based game. Especially when it has all different kinds of unique melee characters. The game itself looks beautiful and paced well. I really like the idea of having knights vs. samurai vs. vikings. Although I’m not a huge Ubisoft fan, their games always look amazing and their melee combat is always fun. Combining their strengths to a cool concept like this will likely make a great game. I am interested in the story missions, although none of those were shown at E3. However, I can definitely get behind a game where I get to cut and stab as a fucking samurai.

6. Halo 5

Image result for Halo 5

I must admit, I’m not nearly as excited for Halo as I was nearly 10 years ago. I used to live and breath Halo, but I think the series has been on a definite decline. Halo 4 was especially disappointing in the multiplayer for me. However, the new multiplayer looks much more engaging and fast paced like Halo 3. It has a much more competitive feel to it than Halo 4 did. Also, the story has me intrigued. The one redeeming piece of Halo 4 was the implications of events that transpired in the story such as the Forerunner’s return and Cortana’s death. Halo 5 seems to really be expanding on the Chief’s emotional well-being due to these events. Also, the idea of another Spartan hunting Chief is interesting because I feel like, if anyone could best Chief, now would be the best time since he’s emotionally unstable.

5. Kingdom Hearts 3

Many people were ecstatic to hear the announcement for the final Kingdom Hearts game. Most of us who are in our 20s now remember growing up with the Kingdom Hearts franchise. They were charming and heartfelt games that really captured the child inside of us, while delivering good combat, pretty environments, and engaging NPCs. Kingdom Hearts 3 is everything that we have come to love about the Kingdom Hearts franchise, now culminating in this final installment. I think we are all eager to finish the final adventure with Sora.

4. Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect is a truly beloved series that has broken our hearts but also captured our imaginations. Andromeda, while not being totally interconnected with the original trilogy, looks like it will be yet another complex adventure through the galaxy. As always, I loved the cinematic trailer they showed because like the trailer, the games have always felt like movies and this is no exception. I can’t wait to see more, but for now I’m just happy to hear that it’s happening.

3. Final Fantasy VII Remake

Image result for final fantasy vii remake ign

Well holy shit balls. One of the greatest games of all time is getting an HD remake that looks beautiful to the highest degree. Many fans are now dying of excitement now that this has been announced. No Final Fantasy game or movie has ever come close to Final Fantasy VII. It is hands down the best game in the series and everyone has wanted a remake basically ever since it came out. Everyone has fond memories of this game and having a remake will undoubtedly satisfy everyone. This one made a lot of buzz at E3 this year and for all the right reasons.

2. Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars. We are all super high on Star Wars right now with the new movies coming out and the reinvigoration in its game studios. We have been awaiting Battlefront for years, and have been nervous that it would never reach the light of day. With the scrapping of Star Wars 1313 many have been scared that Battlefront would reach the same fate. Fortunately, Battlefront has made it, and it looks fucking amazing. The movies are immersive and beautiful, but actually playing in the wars leading up to the new movie is comparable to few things. It is a new level of immersiveness and has everyone losing their minds. The gameplay was not only smooth, intense, and canon-driven, but it was beautiful. It showed us the landscapes that we love, and will come to love, in a way we haven't’ experienced them before. I, and everyone else, cannot wait for this game. It is going to smash along with its movie counterpart The Force Awakens.

1. Fallout 4

Image result for Fallout 4 e3

Of course. What else would mine or anyone else’s number 1 be? All of these other games are great, but they pale in comparison to Fallout 4. The internet has been teeming with excitement and hoaxes surrounding this game for years. It is now officially happening and we are all drooling with pure excitement. I know I was ecstatic when I heard it was official. Then I lost my shit when I saw the amazing trailer. Even further into E3, they showed gameplay and it looks like everything I’ve ever wanted. Bethesda has listened to all of our complaints about the other games, and have delivered on all of them. I couldn’t ask for anything more from a game and a studio. They are the clear winners of E3 2015.

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Jun 14, 2015

Systematic Sequels: Jurassic Fever

Source: i09.com

By now most have seen the powerhouse that is Jurassic World. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ve at least heard of the huge amounts of money it has been making. Fortunately and/or unfortunately it seems like we will be getting Jurassic World sequels. Chris Pratt recently stated that he’s signed on to do a bunch more films if that’s what they desire to do. The movie even sets up for a potential sequel as B.D. Wong escapes the island with all of his research and most of the dinosaur embryos. With all of this information present, it looks as if we are undoubtedly getting a Jurassic World sequel whether we like it or not. I’m going to break down a couple of different ways in which they could make a sequel to this film and speculate as to what is possibly to come. Let’s keep our tickets to Jurassic World and board the speculation train.

Jurassic Wars

Source: imgur.com

A lot of this film is spent talking about the militaristic applications of these specially bred, and trained dinosaurs. Even Pratt’s character was an ex-Navy man. We saw the military gear the In-Gen is now in possession of as well as all of the men they have in their command. I don’t think that they’d lay on this military layer so heavy without any intention to use it later. We didn’t get a real pay off in this movie other than B.D. Wong escaping with the embryos in an In-Gen helicopter. I think it’s logical to speculate that the next movie could see the actual military application of these dinosaurs. Perhaps, they could use the experience of the Indominus Rex incident to help further their research in controlling these animals’ minds and bodies with even more precision. Once these dino’s start being used in combat, they call in the only man who has a lot of experience in both worlds; Chris Pratt. He will be used as the hero and centerpiece to help wrangle these bred monsters who are now killing on the battlefield. Obviously, the dinos would begin to go crazy and just kill everyone including their breeders, and that is why Pratt is needed so much.

I don’t necessarily like this idea, because I feel like it really takes away from the wonder that is the Jurassic Universe. Colin Trevorrow even said himself in an interview with Schmoes Know that what made Jurassic World so special was the fact that they returned to the original formula of dinosaurs in a park wreaking havoc. I don’t think Jurassic Wars would bring that same formula to the table and would ultimately end up feeling like a beefed up version of The Lost World and the Fast and Furious franchise. Although, a small part of me would love to see these dinos in a more mature climate, but I just don’t think this militaristic aspect is the way to go.

Jurassic Nation

Image result for Jurassic Park Flag
Source: guide.alibaba.com

This could revolve around the fact that the embryos have finally made it off the island and are now presumably being transported back to the United States. With the embryos there, and research/breeding in full swing once again, what would happen if a huge number of dinosaurs were to escape on a piece of land as large as the United States. Again, Pratt, with his Navy background, could be used to help contain the outbreak, while utilizing his dinosaur knowledge and military tactics. Perhaps, the end of the movie has U.S. sectioning off a large piece of land where these dinosaurs are free to roam unharmed and untamed. Much like a nature reserve, but in this case for dinosaurs. This would go along with Pratt’s apprehension about dinosaurs near the general population, but also his immense respect for the creatures. He doesn’t want to just kill dinosaurs, but would rather see them flourish in a healthy environment.

Again, this would bring up memories of the Lost World, but could be on a much bigger scale, and further the world’s perception of dinosaurs in this world. We know that the world had grown tired of the dinosaurs, but after the events of Jurassic World, they’ll be as apprehensive about the presence of dinosaurs as ever. Then to have them basically invade an actual continent would raise the stakes. I would be more interested in this movie because I feel like it’d fit better tonally with the series so far, but I still don’t think that this is really a great option for a sequel.

Do We Need One?

Source: fanpop.com

I really don’t think we need a sequel to this movie, but I think it’s inevitable that we are going to get one. It’s lining up to be one of the largest box office movies of this year let alone of all time. However, I really feel like the the sequel we all wanted to this series was delivered in this movie. We had all of the awesome action, callbacks to the original, raised stakes, and a set of likable characters and dinos. Obviously, they could be doing a sequel that will ultimately blow us all away, but until then I remain skeptical at the idea of having one to this film even though I really enjoyed this movie.

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Jun 13, 2015

Steam Summer Sale. Day 3?

     Taking your phone in the spa can adversely effect your life in more than just the lack of a phone; I'm just finding out about the steam summer sale! Well, its day 3 and lets take a look at the flash sales.

Broforce: Reddit Steam Broforce is a great couch co-op send up of metal slug and 80's action heroes. I played this game with my kids and their friends as well as alone and it is great either way. With names like Rambro, Snake Broskin and of course Brobocop, 80's action movie pop culture definitely adds to the enjoyment its not necessary. Its not at its lowest price ever, but its close, so get this and play it, or check out The Expendabros for free!

Tomb RaiderMetacritic Reddit Steam The Tomb Raider reboot surprised a lot of journalists when it came out; it had the heart of the original with modern day third person mechanics. Couple with a good story and what we have is a solid prequel to Lara's tomb raiding adventures*. (*coming soon)

Trine 3: Steam 3D early access sequel to Trine and Trine 2. Puzzle platformer in the vein of Lost Vikings (too old?). You control 3 characters; wizard, knight and thief, that have different abilities that you can use to solve puzzles. This one also has co-op couch (local) as well as internet.

Also of note, Smallworld 2, based on the board game 80% off and Little Inferno, dark game about apocalyptic winter and burning things 75% off.

REMEMBER! Don't buy unless its a flash sale and wait until the last day to buy if its not. Happy saving.

Jun 12, 2015

Regular Guy Review: Jurassic World

This is how a summer movie is done. Huge set pieces, lots of action, fucking dinosaurs, and great human leads all make for one hell of a time at the movie theater. I was lucky enough to see it opening night in a huge theater that was packed to the brim. Needless to say, my theater was going crazy. Chris Pratt was much more macho and charismatic than his usual dorky and quirky self, but it worked really well. The kid actors weren’t too bad either. Although there were some obvious weak points, the movie as a whole delivered exactly what I, and apparently many others, expected it to deliver. Dinosaurs fighting dinosaurs, velociraptors, jungles, suspense, fun characters, and a great sense of wonder. Let’s rip into this movie and digest the good with the bad.

What Worked?

The Fucking Dinosaurs (Duh!)

The dino’s are what we go to these movies to see. We care about the humans, but it’s all about seeing this larger than life animals tear into each other and humans. We want to be terrified and awed by these behemoths. Jurassic World is much more aware of this than both Jurassic Park 2 and 3, and it is better off for it. It gives us plenty of crazy dino action as well as more species to like, dislike, and shit our pants over. The Indominus Rex was a cunning, well-rounded dino villain who was a certified killing machine. It was great seeing her fuck shit up all over this island. Pratt’s raptors were also super awesome. It was uneasy to see them be trained because you expected them to go crazy at a moment's notice, but I think ultimately that helped build more suspense. We also get the classic T-Rex action that we’d expect to get from the Jurassic franchise, but the real award for scariest fucking dinosaur to ever live goes to the Mosasaurus. It’s a humongous underwater dinosaur that just straight up murders the hell out of whatever gets close enough to its enclosure for it to snatch up. It plays a pretty great role in the movie as well. Overall, these dinosaurs did not disappoint.

Pratt Fever
Chris Pratt is definitely building up his nerd portfolio. He’s doing great as Star Lord, but is great as this macho man dinosaur tamer. He is fun to watch, but also dramatically believable in situations of duress. He isn’t very douchy in this film either, which was a very nice surprise. Pratt makes you love him like he always does, but carries the film a bit more than he did in Guardians. He is shaping up to be the next big leading man, and this is just another notch on his impressive belt of hits.


We all love seeing these huge dinosaurs roam in a land large enough and lush enough for them. Just like the first movie, this one gives us some great, sweeping shots of dino’s running and grazing in their designated areas. It makes for really beautiful shots that inspire awe. It’s just one of the many pieces of the Jurassic puzzle that this movie fits perfectly.

What Didn’t Work?

How Big is the Indominus Rex?
The first time we get an obscured look at it, it seems to be comparable to the likes of Godzilla. Then, when we see it for the first time, it doesn’t look very much bigger than the T-Rex. Then, again when we see it slithering around in the forest it looks small. Later on, while it’s being shot at by a helicopter, it looks huge again. Also, when we have a few close-ups of its face getting close to our human characters, it looks giant yet again. Even in the final showdown, it alongside other dinos doesn’t look as menacing as they talked it up to being. I don’t mind it being around the T-Rex size, but I wish it would have looked a bit more consistent throughout the film.

Really? No Cell or Walkie Reception?
There are dinosaurs in this world, but it’s not like we’re living in the Jurassic Age! Why the hell is there so much fucking static on the walkies, and no goddamn reception on the cellphones!? It never explains this, but uses it several times in the movie. I would have liked it if perhaps they had the Indominus knock down a cell tower or something, but nothing of the sort was ever said or shown. I mean what the hell? With the amount of people coming in and out of this place how could they have this bad of reception? I get it, it’s a movie, but this is something that could have easily been added in and explained to make these moments even more tense rather than a little dumb.

Why The Fuck Would You Make This Creature?

I get it. You wanted to make a thrilling animal that would scare the patrons and create a spike in attendance, but why would you literally make an unstoppable killing machine. Who does that benefit whether you’re the park head, or the nefarious scientists doing some black market splicing? Like what the actual fuck? It just seemed a bit weird. There was a little nod when Vincent D’Onofrio told BD Wong to hide evidence of “what they’d been doing there.” But what exactly were they doing, and who would it benefit? It was just a bit confusing trying to find an adequate excuse to do such a dumb thing with so many smart people around.

Overall Assessment

This movie was a great summer movie. It was extremely fun, especially with an engaging audience. It made for a great time at the theater that has seemed to be a bit lacking this summer. I was very happy to return to this world and explore what else we can do with these dinos. Everyone in it acted well, and the action was exciting. There were some very dumb parts in this movie, but that’s to be expected when you’re watching a movie full of dinosaurs in a theme park. All of this being said, you should definitely go see this on the big screen and buy some popcorn. You’ll enjoy yourself.

Score: 7/10

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Jun 11, 2015

Regular Guy Review: Spy

Paul Feig has done it again folks. He has created one hell of a film that definitely deserves some of your precious time! The movie is all about the characters Feig creates and steers into the hilarious situations. The spy aspect is really almost background noise to the interactions these characters are having with one another. Literally, all of the actors in this movie are phenomenal. Everyone plays off of each other wonderfully, every comedic nod to the spy genre isn’t too on the nose, and the movie just straight up makes you laugh a lot. Let’s break down exactly why you should listen to a guy like me when I say you need to see this film!

Source: Huffington Post
Who knew Jason Statham was so damn funny under all of those muscles and mean looks? He is hands down the best part of this movie. There are times when certain lines from Melissa McCarthy outshine him, but overall Statham steals the show. He plays his manly man character who doesn’t play by the rules so damn well. Not only that, but some of the physical comedy involved is perfectly timed and executed. And finally, his extreme dimwittedness while also being extremely cunning is such a hard balance to execute, and Feig along with Statham manage to create the perfect storm.

Melissa McCarthy, when not dealing with self confidence issues, is laugh out loud hysterical. When she grows balls and starts yelling at one of the Swedish bodyguards for Rose Byrne’s character, it ends up being one of the best sequences in a film filled with action and other comedy. McCarthy is a master at shifting between unassuming to rage filled mad dog who will tear you down physically and emotionally. Her banter is some of the best in the business right now, and her insults rival that of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket. Alongside her banter is her knack for physical comedy. She is the female reincarnation of Chris Farley without a doubt. She can move so swiftly and perform some great stunts on her own.

Rose Byrne who is usually known for playing the nice girl we all seem to know in our lives, transforms into that one customer we all have and despise. She is self absorbed, harsh, dumb, and overly critical with the minutia of life. Whenever she breaks down McCarthy’s confidence it is almost sad, but too hilarious not to laugh. Again, this fine line was balanced upon perfectly by Feig.

Jude Law was charming as always, and his American accent wasn’t half bad. I knew exactly where his character was headed in the plot the whole time, but he still played well with Melissa McCarthy. What’s important in a comedy is to surround those who aren’t the strongest in the genre, with those who are the powerhouses. This is what Feig did with McCarthy and Law. Law who isn’t particularly funny, is transformed into a smart mouthed, critical, dumbwitted spy who embodies that suave personality. He is great in the film, but serves much more as a tool to move along the plot than a character who gets to enjoy the ride like the rest of them.

Finally, the character from left field was McCarthy’s friend in the film Miranda Hart. Wow, she has some comedic chops. Much like McCarthy she has a very strong witty presence surrounding her, but still shrouded in the unassuming outward personality. Her scenes with 50 Cent (yes, he’s in this too, and hilarious!) are stunningly great. Usually, scenes with celebrities are throwaways, but she carries him through like a champ and even helps elevate his comedic presence.

Spy Nods
The whole movie is a borderline spoof of the entire spy genre. The opening scene with Jude Law infiltrating a foreign foes fortress while easily seducing women is a great nod to the Bond films. The next nod comes in the form the opening song’s music video just like the Bond films. Admittedly, this is my least favorite part of not only the Bond films, but also of this one, however I thought it was a well placed, well done nudge to the genre. Also, Statham’s and Law’s characters are both based on obvious archetypes of macho males in the spy genre. They are constantly seducing women, saying things like, “I work alone! I quit. I’ll have to do this on my own!” and always dressing unbelievable nice. The funniest nod, in my opinion, was Statham’s elongated brag story about all the escapades he’s had on missions, to convince McCarthy that he can solve this one on his own. He talks about getting his arm ripped off, and putting it back on with the other and jumping off buildings, to trains, to cars, all while on fire. These are great lines alluding to all of the impossible situations in spy movies that the protagonists seem to make it through unscathed. Again, the whole movie has a perfect balance between spoof and parody as well as orchestrated comedy that is executed to perfection by the cast and Feig.

Are You Convinced Yet?
Source: Youtube
Well, I hope I was able to convince you to see this film, if you have not already. It’s absolutely fantastic and will make you laugh out loud undoubtedly. I guarantee that you haven’t seen Statham, Byrne, or Law this funny before. McCarthy returns to her masterful, comedic form and is aided by the equally talented Miranda Hart, who alongside director Paul Feig help create a wonderful atmosphere for this film. Trust me, you’ll love it.

Score: 9/10

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Jun 10, 2015

"What Did I Just See?": The Martian Trailer #1

Image result for The Martian
Source: geeksnack.com
This trailer wants me to feel quite a few different emotions in a very short span of time! That’s ok though. I’ve been following this movie since it was announced, and I’m just happy to finally see some footage. The trailer itself had some great moments as well as a few moments that had me going eh. Speaking of these moments, to slightly change a Matt Damon line in the trailer, I’m going to have to critic the shit out of this. So, take a seat and leave no man behind as we dive into this trailer review!

What Worked?

The Cast (or Should I Call Them Crew?)
The day before the trailer dropped, they had released a short video of Matt Damon’s character Mark Watany helps introduce each crew member. It gave a lot of insight to the level of camaraderie we’d be seeing in the trailer. Once, the trailer dropped, I didn’t see a decreased level of this bond. I saw each character interact with each other very naturally and as if they’d been through hell and back together. Not only does each actor work well with the other, but the amount of talent in this movie is basically criminal. Each actor is nothing but sheer talent. Even those with smaller roles are fucking thespians! I can’t wait to get a bigger chunk of screen time of them all on Mars before the storm. And Jeff Daniels, you either make me fucking crack up, or make me feel the kind of emotion that I don’t even experience in real life! I’m glad to see him a huge movie like this.

Those Landscapes!
Some of these visuals are very convincing. Landscapes are usually one of Ridley Scott’s strong areas, so it’s really no surprise that I felt like I was literally watching footage from Mars. However, while being unsurprised I was still impressed. I am someone who really appreciates when movies take the time to create luscious settings for their characters to inhabit, such as Mad Max: Fury Road or Jurassic Park. I just hope that we get to see more of Mars than what is shown in the trailer.

The Cinematography
The tracking shots, establishing shots, and close-ups really hit the viewer on all fronts. It funnels you down to the nitty gritty while reminding you of the grandeur that is present throughout. Also, something that I didn’t notice until after a few viewings, I thought it was clever that the shots on Mars have a very distinct red tone to them while all shots on Earth have a very distinct blue hue to them to further the disconnect and dichotomy between the two worlds. I found myself feeling more and more considered by the fact that Watany was on Mars, and I figured out that it was this color trick that kept disconnecting my mind. I enjoyed that very much.

The Plot
Who isn’t fascinated and at least somewhat frightened of space? Especially being left stranded in such a hospitable place. Shit, I can’t even imagine being left in like Detroit for a night without a phone without starting to panic, let alone being left on Mars! Watany’s perseverance is so human that it just draws you in. I don’t ever wish to be in any kind of similar situation, but I could only hope to have the knowledge and perseverance to, “Science the shit out this!” Also, the idea that his crew is going to go rogue and get his ass is awesome. They are some badass astronauts! Overall, just the idea of being left behind on Mars with minimal supplies and your wits is terrifying, but extremely interesting. Now, add in all the other elements like the crew coming back, other Mars related accidents or occurrences, and any other things we don’t even know are coming make me so hyped for this movie!

What Didn’t Work?
Everyone is Sad
Literally, the first shot of every character introduced in this movie look sad as shit. I mean this isn’t a huge issue, but I just feel like this is the wrong way to introduce characters that are going to be beacons of hope and perseverance. Each character has the courage to do something amazing in this film, yet all look like they shit their pants in front of a crowd and now everyone’s laughing at them.

Overall Tone
I mentioned this a bit already, but wow does this trailer feel a bit all over the place with what it expects you to feel. It starts with sadness, then goes to hopelessness, then comedy, then hopeful, then it wants you to feel tense at the prospect of such time until Watany is saved. The transitions between each emotion is too abrupt so that I feel almost fatigued by the end of the trailer. It also takes away from the cohesiveness of the trailer. I would have rather they split these emotions into two separate trailers. I would have liked the first trailer to feel a bit hopeless with underlying prospects of a solution, only to deliver a hopeful solution in the second trailer. It would’ve let the audience catch their bearings and better experience what the filmmakers were trying to make us feel.

I Know It All
I haven’t read the book nor looked for spoilers online, yet now I feel like I know 70% of this film from just watching this trailer. It’s only the first trailer too! It wasn’t as bad as the Southpaw trailers, but I feel like the audience could have gone without knowing quite as much as we do now thanks to the trailer. For instance, I would have liked to see his ingenuity flourish on screen, and find out that his crew’s decision to get him back would be an act of mutiny. I feel like these could have been left out and still got us excited for the film.

Overall Assessment

Honestly, the trailer was damn good and got me even more excited for this film than I already was. It has done it’s job, and doesn’t make me nervous. Each criticism I had was a bit more self-contained within the trailer itself, but the movie still looks extremely interesting and fun. I can’t wait for it! Also, quick side-note, the title of the film, The Martian, seems to insinuate to me that perhaps he ends up having to stay on the planet, or even he and the crew must live on the planet indefinitely. I think that’d be a great plot twist!

Score: Better Than Living On Mars I’m Sure!

As always my friends, let me know what you think in the comments below and tell me if you had a similar impression, or you just think I’m crazy! I would love to hear what you all thought about this first trailer! Did you get even more excited? Less excited? Did it give too much away? Did it switch tone to quickly? Please be sure to follow me on Twitter @HaneyCasey and check me out on comicbookmovie.com, hitz247.com, and of course on my website www.slackernerds.com!